Warwick Davis has a wonderful attitude about himself and the world around him. His show Life’s too Short is a wonderful look at how he tweaks his own nose about his life. His appearance on An Idiot Abroad is another fine example. When the news broke last year that J.J. Abrams would be directing Star Wars VII everyone who was ever in a Star Wars movie was bombarded with questions, were they going to be in it, did they know what the movie would be about, had they talked with J.J.? Well know we know that Warwick has indeed talked with J.J. and he decided to let us know what happened with this little video.

LucasFilm posted this video to their Facebook page a short while ago:


Well, that is fantastic news. Does this mean we’ll see Ewoks in this movie? We really can’t be certain yet whether Warwick will be playing Wicket again, or perhaps another new character that J.J. has created for the movie. Hell, he could be doing both.

I’m just happy that Abrams seems to truly care about the individuals that were involved with making Star Wars such a success back in the day and bringing them back to further their stories.

Warwick has always been great with fans at any convention I’ve ever seen him at. We think this casting news if great and wish him the best! Here’s a gallery of pictures of Warwick and Wicket:

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Just in case the embed above goes out here’s the Youtube version:

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