NBC Takes a Second Shot at Remaking ‘The IT Crowd’

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Fans of The IT Crowd are somewhat religious in their obsession with the show. It was a wonderful bit of British comedy that spanned just 25 episodes (that’s 4 seasons in Britlandia) and one special. Before it even went off the air, the powers-that-be decided that they wanted to cash in on the show’s popularity, so they tried an American remake. And despite bringing one of the main characters along for the ride, it did not make the grade and was scrapped. Now, NBC is at it again. In typical “we want more money!” fashion, they’ve decided to take another crack at bringing The It Crowd Mark II to the small screen.

Right now they’re only looking at (yet another) pilot, but given the success of past British-to-American remakes, they’ll be holding on to this property for as long as they can. The only saving grace is the list of names currently attached to make this thing happen. Bill Lawrence, the man who created the much-beloved Scrubs television series, will be acting as producer on the show. And the writers, you ask? They’ve got a couple of Community veterans coming in to take care of that part in the form of Neil Goldman (who also worked on Scrubs) and Garrett Donovan (yes, Scrubs again).

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I haven’t seen it myself, but the general consensus is that the last pilot for an Americanized IT Crowd was a steaming pile of dog poo. And that was with Richard Ayoade still playing Moss and (another Community veteran) Joel McHale taking on the role of his workmate. With a show like The IT Crowd, the actors are just as important as the writers, so Lawrence better make sure he chooses wisely. Else we’ll be seeing yet another flaming turd of a remake.

But you never know. If you turn a television series off and on again enough times, maybe it will stop crashing?

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Anyone seen the IT Crowd remake and actually enjoyed it? Do you think an Americanization can work as well as it did for shows like The Office? Or does this one need to be left alone?


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