When I read reports of DC going with an “older Batman” in the Warner Bros. head scratcher ‘Batman v Superman,’ the first thing I hoped for was a Nightwing appearance. It didn’t dawn on me that this caped crusader would lean more toward the Frank Miller version, immortalized in the comics series ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ In truth, I saw the release of the Miller costume like everyone else and just didn’t put two and two together. So it kind of makes sense that, along with the more grizzled Dark Knight, female Robin, Carrie Kelley, wouldn’t be far behind. And now we sort of have proof that she’s gonna be in the movie starring our ‘World’s Finest.’

Robin reportedly appears in the script as female, so this isn’t the biggest surprise. But our confirmation comes from a news broadcast outside the set of Zack Snyder’s film. Basically some extra totally breaks a confidentiality agreement by running off at the mouth about what’s going on during filming. Total dick move, but we’ve seen the video of that rat spilling the beans to a local news station. Click the girl below for the link to the video.


“The Girl”

That all makes me wonder if there’s credibility to the rumors of 29 year-old(!!!!) actress Jena Malone playing the role. She’s been spotted on the set and hey, look at the hair before it was dyed red.


In comics chronology, Kelley was actually the third female Robin – the second by our time. Before her was Julie Madison, who played the role for like 30 seconds in 1941.


Then there was Stephanie Brown, who did it for about an hour, later becoming The Spoiler and the third Batgirl.

brown one

Carrie Kelley takes on the role between Bruce Wayne’s retirement after Jason Todd is killed, and his subsequent return to action. She also has parents, unlike most Robins, but they’re stoners who don’t give a shit. So, she’s a perfect candidate for Bruce’s dedication to promoting juvenile delinquency. After Batman saves her life one night, she becomes obsessed with becoming his new partner and eventually talks him into it. She used a slingshot that slung/shot firecracker projectiles and fashioned her own costume with her collected lunch money. A few years later, she’d become Catgirl – a 16 year-old rocking leopard print tights like Peg Bundy. That’s where they lost me.


I don’t care. Would I have preferred Tim Drake’s Robin? Yes, he’s my favorite after Dick Grayson. But like I said, I’m waiting for a good Nightwing rendition, so I’m slightly indifferent to which Robin they give me. That is, as long as it’s not Damian Wayne. And casting Jason Todd would just be an intro to an insane storyline that includes the Joker, which nobody wants to include after the awesomeness of Heath Ledger. With that, it makes sense to bring in Carrie Kelley. Mostly because they’re obviously going Frank Miller on us. We’ve seen different incarnations of Batman in the past, there’s no reason why we can’t get a taste of this one.


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