Bigger. When you’re making a sequel to one of the biggest movies ever made, there’s really only one way you can go for the sequel, and that’s bigger. To wit, the superhero sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. With two motion-capture characters, several people with super-powers and an army of robot fighters, it was a foregone conclusion that the new Avengers movie was going to tip the scale with the number of visual effects it would require, but now there’s a number attached: 3,000. For those keeping score, that’s about the same number of effects shots in Avatar, about 800 more than what was in the first Avengers, and 250 more than what was in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Hollywood Reporter covered a speech to the Visual Effects Society by Victoria Alonso, an executive producer at Marvel Studios and VP of visual effects and post-production. Alonso added that the work is currently being done by seven to twelve visual effects companies, including, presumably, Industrial Light & Magic, to allow for as many ideas to be input into the film as possible.

But on the serious side, Alonso talked to the crowd about the gender disparity in her industry, and how the visual effects business needs to, and should, attract more young women to get involved in making of digital creations for the big screen. “You’ve got to get the girls in here, boys,” Alonso said. “I have been with you beautiful, handsome, talented, creative men in dark rooms for two decades and I can tell you those rooms are better when there are a few of us in them. So as you take this with you, please remember that it’s okay to allow the ladies in. They’re smart, they’re talented. They bring a balance that you need.”

Variety expanded on the theme of gender equality after the speech by asking about Marvel’s slate of films, which, as of yet, does not include a movie with a female superhero lead. Of course, Marvel’s esteemed rival has already announced a Wonder Woman movie for 2017, and Sony might still have a female-led Spider-Man universe movie in the works somewhere, so when might Marvel Studios follow suit?  “If it were up to me, it would be today,” Alonso said.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters everywhere on May 1, 2015. And one more thing…


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