Earlier this month, Dredd producer Adi Shankar announced his plan to thank Dredd fans for their support by creating a Dredd web series featuring those fan favorite Dredd villains, the Dark Judges. Of course this series wouldn’t be “official.” It would join the other tribute videos, Dirty Laundry, a Punisher short, and Truth in Journalism, a Venom short in Shankar’s Bootleg Universe.


OK, I gotta pull this bus over for a moment. When the news hit about this new project I was more than excited. Hell, I had to go change my shorts. I loved Shankar’s two live action shorts, and the thought of a Dredd series joining those gave me goosebumps. Let me clarify that. The thought of a live action Dredd series of shorts gave me goosebumps. Now that I see it is an animated series, I’m not really sure how I feel about the whole thing.
Let’s take a look at the teaser images and see if I can’t work through my live action frustration and recapture some of that Dredd hope I fear I may have lost.
The first webisode in the Superfiend web series should hit later this month, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this animation will look like in motion. That’s Judge Death fighting Dredd in the first image. The second shows us Judge Death delivering his twisted version of justice to some unfortunate Mega City One citizen. The third, that guy with a dial on his forehead is a member of the Angel Gang called Mean Machine. You might remember that character from that 1990’s Judge Dredd film that shall not be named. Crap… I just named it while trying not to name it. It’s been one of those days.
Mean was originally nothing like his deeply anti-social family, so Pa forced a Texas City surgeon to come out to their hideout in the Cursed Earth and surgically modify him. He now has a mechanical arm, and his skull is covered with a metal dome with a dial. The dial’s settings range from 1, where he’s surly and mean and nasty, on up to 4, where he’s fully berserk.

Here’s another fun fact. That’s also Pa Angel in the picture above played by Scott Wilson, who later played Herschel in The Walking Dead.

While I find myself disappointed that the Web series won’t be live action like the other two Bootleg Universe shorts, I can understand how live action would cost too much when one considers the effects needed to pull off the Dark Judges costumes and their powers. Animation provides the experience without all the added cost.

Those hoping that this web series might spark a true Karl Urban Dredd Sequel like the Deadpool test footage video did might have to tone down their expectations. I’m not sure that this will do the trick, but I want to see the series before I write the whole thing off.


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