It seems like all I ever write about are casting rumors. They go from pure speculation to a pocket full of maybes to ultimate facts. But the roads to those revelations tend to be long and winding, like the saga of Doctor Strange. I don’t expect this news to be any worse or better – just there. So, today’s “just there” is news circulating around the geek webs about Twentieth Century Fox “courting” a relatively hot actor for the role of Apocalypse in the the sequel to ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past.’ I’d say I was in favor the the idea, but with his last turn as a comic book baddie failing (imho), why would he even want to go there again? Who knows? It’s all rumors anyway.


Bane himself, Tom Hardy could very well tackle the storied character of Marvel’s first mutant in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ Along with more rumors of Hardy taking on DC’s ‘Suicide Squad,’ maybe the guy doesn’t have bad feelings about ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ Maybe it was just me. I darn near hated that movie. After the almost perfect ‘The Dark Knight,’ I felt it to be a severe step down. Didn’t surprise me much because final installments to trilogies are usually the worst, unless you’re doing ‘Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King.’ Hell, as much as the second Star Wars threesome sucked, I gotta go out on that limb and say that ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ was the best of the lot. And that’s saying zero.


I still like Tom Hardy, but I hated his Bane. That’s the trouble you get when you try to make the wrong comic book characters “normal.” The Joker you can get away with, but Bane is a mammoth steroid-inducing, destruction machine. When I think of Bane, I think of cars being thrown through the air. As Apocalypse, Hardy will get a chance to find out what playing a real comic book villain is about. That is, if this news pans out.


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