Here’s a fun fact. If you fully spell out Robert Downey Junior‘s name, the only vowel in the English alphabet missing is an “A”. You know, A-E-I-O-U-&-Sometimes-Y. Now word is making the Internet rounds that someone at Marvel felt that obvious hole in Robert Downey Jr’s life needed to be filled. Filled with that 30 foot tall Avengers “A” in the movie, the one pictured above.

What do you give the man with everything? Apparently, if your Marvel, anything he damn well asks for! Downey recently chatted with BBC Radio One where, when asked about any props he’s taken from sets said:

On the last Avengers, there’s this scene where there’s this ‘A’ which is probably 30 feet tall and I’m looking at it, and we’re shooting in England, and I go, ‘I need that in my office in Venice [California].’

About two weeks ago, a wheeler showed up, I’m like, ‘What the heck is this doing here?!’ And they go, ‘This is the ‘A’ you asked for.’ And I go, ‘They brought it?!’ So now we have a massive Avengers ‘A’ that will be prominently placed.

Now there’s not one of us who at that moment on set when RDJ joked about the “A” wouldn’t have moved heaven and earth to make it happen, but let’s look at what it really took to make it happen. The “A” was on a set in England, RDJ’s office is in Venice, California. That thirty foot tall “A” must weigh at least 200 lbs probably a hell of a lot more, shipping charges alone would cost an arm and a leg. That doesn’t even consider the cost of preparing it for shipping. You just don’t pack an 30 foot “A” and slip in into a mail box, but then again, the man did help make a billion dollar Cinematic Universe for you.

RDJ makes a joke and people make it happen. That kind of thing could go to a man’s head, but RDJ seems to be handling it well. What do you think he should joke about next?

World Peace?

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