When Will CLERKS III Begin Shooting?


In a making-of documentary on the DVD of Clerks II, director/writer Kevin Smith said that bringing the film to life felt like the catharsis he needed, penning the final chapter of the characters he brought to life in his directorial debut in the original Clerks movie. Apparently, catharsis is an ongoing process, as Smith has recently made comments that making his most recent film Tusk, starring Justin Long and Johnny Depp, provided him with the cash necessary to shoot a third chapter in the lives of clerks Dante and Randal. However, with so many movies on the filmmaker’s plate, when he would begin production of the film was up in the air. Now recent comments by Smith indicate that Clerks III might be on its way sooner rather than later.

According to IGN, Smith plans to begin film on the third Clerks movie this June. While details on the wherefores and whys of the next installment in the Jersey cinematic universe are still as sketchy as the old man from Clerks jerking off in the Quick Stop, Smith and Jeff Anderson—Randal in the films—let a few morsels slip. One Reddit user was curious how Randal’s livelihood as a video store owner would be impacted with the advent of Netflix, Redbox, and, presumably, other online streaming avenues that viewers have at their fingertips. According to Smith

Randal addresses a lot of things that have changed in Clerks III. This is most definitely one of them.

Before we learn of Randal and Dante’s trials of being video slingers in this new age of instant movies, however, Smith will need to clear his schedule a bit. He is currently beginning production on Tusk’s spinoff Yoga Hosers, starring his daughter and the daughter of Tusk’s Johnny Depp. The next movie on the docket is then Moose Jaws, which is exactly what it sounds like. When that film is under wraps, then it’s on to focusing his attentions on Dante and Randal’s further exploits.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the announcement of Clerks III. When I first heard the news a few weeks ago, I was apprehensive for a lot of reasons. While I was ambivalent to the idea of a sequel to the original Clerks, I warmed up the idea of a sequel because I thought it would be a good idea to see these guys again and to find out if they get their shit together, which, ultimately, they do. It was a very sweet ending, bittersweet even. So maybe I’m overly anxious because I think that, even though I wasn’t sure about a Clerks II that exceeded expectations, maybe Smith should leave well-enough alone.

And I’m just going to say it: I’ve kinda fallen out of love with Kevin Smith. Not that all of his Jersey films were gold, but he’s had so many misfires of late that, with each announced project, I care less and less about the product. Between the Spider-Man/Black Cat miniseries that took far too long to finish, to the Daredevil/Bullseye miniseries he never finished, to the eye-roll-inducing Batman: Cacophony, to the “meh” Red State, to the unwatchable Cop Out… Look, I’m glad he’s still producing work. He seems like a decent guy. I just can’t get excited about him touching the Clerks films again. I mean, they’re his creations, so more power to him. But I can’t say that I will be the first in line on opening night.

[Source: IGN]

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