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I’m terrible with easter eggs unless they’re right smack dab in my face. And also have to do with comic book characters. While I’m talking about comic book characters, thanks to Robert Kirkmann’s winning series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ let’s center on the television show. Yeah, we hunt eggs on this site from time to time. We found a bunch of stuff from ‘The Flash.’ Then there was ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ buzz, because that movie could do no wrong around here. Once, there were physical ‘Walking Dead’ easter eggs to talk about in a post. But unlike that time when we found The Governor’s patio umbrella in Terminus, the eggs I’m talking about have been going on since the beginning of Season One.


Yeah. Couldn’t resist.

My favorite egg is the shout out to ‘Breaking Bad’ when Daryl goes through Merle’s bag of drugs and we see a ton of blue meth in there. BB would return the nod by eventually “zombifying” Gus Fring, in a way. Yet, concerning the eggs we’re talking about here, I’m really surprised nobody’s discovered this until now. We nerds are usually very good at this sort of thing. It had to come down to director Greg Nicotero at Atlanta’s Walker Stalker Con explaining to us what we should’ve already known. He starts off with telling us about Hershel’s watch, which Rick has in the train car while cutting himself a shiv:

“He’s using Hershel’s watch with the chain…And then when he leaves, Maggie gets it, so of course if you see Maggie has the chain with the watch. And of course the time is 5:01 on the watch, because that was episode 501….So if you look at any of the stuff in the show…even when Carol picks up Rick’s watch off the table, it says 5:01. Every episode that we shoot we adjust the time on the watches and the clocks to whatever episode it is we’re shooting.”

Are you kidding me?


You mean to tell me that after all these years, none of us looked at the watches and the clocks and considered the seasons we were on? Just take away my zombie card now. I don’t deserve it. Oh well, some of these can be pretty hard. For instance, who the hell knew there was a Robocop homage in last Sunday’s episode ‘Strangers?’

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