People who know me well say that I spend too much time living in the past. I’m discerning about today’s music, but if anything from the 80’s pops up on the radio, I’m blasting it. My favorite TV show of all time is ‘Tales Of The Gold Monkey,’ so the recent troubles of Stephen Collins kinda put me in a weird place. That’s a serious mistake that he’ll never recover from. Other folks are luckier than that. Time heals a lot of wounds, and when some people are done paying, they get another chance to shine above regretful choices. It’s usually several years later, but the beauty in that gives overly nostalgic idiots like myself a chance to relive treasured times. Paul Reubens aka Pee-wee Herman is one of the lucky ones. And sometimes luck is better than a time machine.


Thirty years after the absolute brilliance of his first film, Pee-wee Herman’s going back to the theaters. His second movie, ‘Big Top Pee-wee,’ wasn’t as incredible, but I’m not mad at it. Who the hell could be mad at the sight of those rosy cheeks anyway? But his third movie…well, that’s something else altogether, and Rolling Stone knew it first:

“There’s going to be a big announcement any minute now…It’s going to get made shortly after the new year.”

The project is being produced by Judd Apatow. Ruebens explained that the production has been stalled for four years already.

“I’m really ready for this to happen…but I’m not kidding: it’s very imminent.”

He always struck me as a nice person and a good-natured soul. Though I’m a firm believer that you cannot put anything passed anybody (Collins), I think his heart was in the right place while powering ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse.’ He was just a normal guy going to work every day and trying to do right. But, like everybody else, he also has his “thing.” And that “thing” was jackin’ it in porn movie theaters. When the cops nabbed him for it in 1991, he was ostracized in Hollywood, lost his show and all credibility. His fade into darkness was a quick and sad one as the judgment brigade overwhelmingly came down on him. Reubens got by on small movie roles and cameos on television, never appearing as Pee-wee.

But luck prevailed and time healed all, and before you knew it Pee-wee Herman was in the spotlight again. In his 60’s, you can see the age in his face, but not so strongly that he couldn’t still sell you on that ridiculous bow-tie and childish humor. In 2010, he’d star on Broadway in ‘The Pee-wee Herman Show,’ and fans welcomed him with arms wide open. He still fits into the suit that was always too small for him. The years have done nothing to change his infectious cackle. His is a great story with the obligatory downer second act. But there are few things in life that can bury good talent, determination and spirit. Especially when there’s a little luck involved.

Via – Rolling Stone

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