One of the things I love about watching certain television shows is that after watching the latest episode I can go online and join discussion groups, Instant Reaction podcasts, or just join the comments section from one of Nerd Bastards’ reviews to discuss the episode and series as a whole. Gotham is one of those shows that has a very active fan base of discussion. Now there is an interesting, and far-fetched Gotham idea that is making the Internet rounds. Imagine this, Cobblepot becomes the not the Penguin as everyone expects, but instead becomes… wait for it…. the Joker.

OK, before you start foaming at the mouth and ripping clumps of hair out, take a look at one Gotham fan’s crazy theory about how Oswald Cobblepot is making the transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime.

It is well established in the comic that The Penguin’s real name is Oswald Cobblepot. But it is just as well established that the Penguin is short and fat. Now he could gain weight, but he’s not going to lose height. He also has a long beak like nose. And this guy does not have a long beak like nose.

What about the fact that people keep saying he walks like a penguin or looks like a penguin. This is a red herring.

Penguin is a master thief. He’s not a cold blooded murderer. And this guy is a cold blooded murderer.

He kills Spoiler

He kills Spoiler

He kills Spoiler

He kills Spoiler

Yes he has an umbrella but he hasn’t shown any interest in birds. The Penguin loves birds. And he’s a master burglar. This guy is a gangster. Was Penguin ever a gangster?

So we have a tall slim psychotic mass murderer who sometimes poisons people. Doesn’t this sound more like The Joker to you?

So why is The Joker going by Penguin’s name?

Oswald Cobblepot is supposed to be dead. He knows that with such an unusual name it’s bound to get back to Fish Mooney that someone named Oswald Cobblepot is still in Gotham. So he hires a short fat kid to go around telling people his name is Oswald Cobblepot. This kid idolizes the Joker so he does everything he can to be more like him. He dresses like him, he walks like him, he carries an umbrella just like him

Meanwhile original Cobblepot realizes he has to hide his identity if he’s going to continue to operate as a gangster in Gotham and develops the Red Hood identity.

This short fat kid with the big long nose becomes the Penguin. The original Cobblepot has some kind of industrial accident and becomes the Joker.


I’m glad people are interested in this. Although to me the best part of fan theory is that it’s not that it IS what the writers are planning but that it is POSSIBLE that it COULD be true. I was sort of hoping in that spirit people might add on to the theory. Because, fun.

As for my Batman cred? Lots of Batman comics. Tons of Golden Age and Silver Age stuff. And I was a serious collector in the 70’s 80’s and early 90’s. So, no animated series or Arkham Asylum but that’s still 50 years of continuity that I think should count for something, right?

Alright. Have fun.

There it is. What do you think? It is definitely out there in left field and a hell of a lot of fun to consider and talk about. I’ve never been one to immediately shoot down a theory without first turning it upside down and around a few times. This one has plenty of scabs to pick at and the comments on it at Reddit do point out some glaring problems, but it’s the discussion that I want to talk about.

These types of discussions used to only happen at the local comic book store or the occasional comic book convention. Now with the Internet you can read your latest comic, watch the latest TV episode or movie and then get instant reactions from fellow fans. Just look at all the Easter Egg posts that pop up after each week’s episode. People want to talk about the details of their favorite TV show, movie, or comic and just because no one in your family, or group of friends, likes the stuff you do, you can still get your discussion on anytime you want.

Oh, I just realized that I never really answered the question this post’s title asked. How crazy is this theory?

It’s Bat-Shit-Crazy and I LOVE IT!!!!

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