You hear the words “Todd McFarlane” and “Spawn” you might think that you’re about to get a vague and random update about the live-action Spawn movie reboot. Not today. Today, McFarlane is shedding light in a not-so vague way on the in-the-works Spawn animated series reboot. Yes, there is a new Spawn animated series coming. The original ran on HBO for three years between 1997 and 1999. It was a hard-R rated animated series, and perhaps much more representative of the style and tone of the McFarlane comic book than the 1997 movie ever was. But can lightening strike twice so far as Spawn animated shows are concerned? Well, the concept art release so far leans in the direction of a definite “yes.”

Released by McFarlane on his Facebook page (via Comic, we get three pieces of art and a message from McFarlane that says there’s more coming. The art includes a finished background and what looks like a storyboard as well as a character design of NYPD homicide detectives Sam and Twitch. The style seems to indicate that this will be a hand-drawn, or cel, animated effort, which suits me because amongst CG animation’s many gifts, being moody and creepy is not one of them.

Here’s McFarlane’s message, and the art:

For ALL of you that have been asking…here’s a SNEAK PEEK at some NEW SPAWN ANIMATION that is in the works!!!!!! Don’t tell anyone I showed you because you’re the FIRST to see it!!!!!!

At every convention and in every interview I do I am asked a couple of repetitive questions: “When is the new Spawn movie coming and when are we going to see more Animation like we did on HBO years ago?” (I also get a lot of ‘when are you going to draw The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel again?’…)For those of you that don’t know, the original Spawn Animation was aired on HBO for three years and won a couple of Emmy Awards. Ever since it went off the air, fans have been bugging me to bring it back. Well, for your eyes only, here are some early images of a few key characters and a rough of a city street in black and white and in color.

If you all seem interested there is LOTS and LOTS more I can show you!!!!!! I may even put up some of the voice tracks for you.

Oh…and just wait until you see SPAWN himself!

Enjoy, Todd




The original HBO Spawn ran for three seasons and featured character actor Keith David as the voice of the titular character. Amongst its accolades was an Emmy win for Outstanding Animation Program in 1999.

We’ll have more news about this project as it develops.

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