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Since everyone loved Gotham‘s crazy Cobblepot is really the Joker fan theory so much, how could we not bring you one of The Walking Dead‘s most persistent fan theories that says that Rick Grimes never woke from his coma and the entire Zombie Apocalypse is just a coma induced dream. This fan theory has been around for a long time. Even before The Walking Dead took to the television airwaves, back when it was just an unknown black and white comic book, I remember people discussing that this better not be a Coma dream in the end. Robert Kirkman finally decided to weigh in and settle the matter with a few tweets today.


There are a ton of these theories that Rick is still in a coma floating around out there, but this one kind of sums them all up:

Ok, so me and my sister have been thinking out this particular theory…
Rick is still in his coma and is dreaming everything. When he wakes up Lori, Carl, and Shane are sitting by his bedside waiting for him to wake up. Because he has been in the coma for so long, Carl is obviously older and Lori has the baby because she was pregnant before Rick was shot.
Carol is in the hospital bed next to him, suffering from a hit from her abusive husband.
When Lori realizes Rick is waking up she runs to get the nurse and doctor.
First the nurse (who is Maggie) runs in to take his vitals, following her is the doctor(Who is Hershel). Rick doesn’t realize what is going on and asks “Maggie” where is everyone else? Where then Maggie would respond “How do you know my name, you’ve been in a Coma for over a year.”

As Rick is being released from the hospital, he walks past several patients and people sitting in the waiting room. Those people would include some of the favorite cast members: Michonne, Andrea and Amy, t-dog, Dale etc…

While stopped at a stop light driving home, that’s when you hear the motorcycle, and Daryl pulls up beside the grimes’ car. Rick looks over at his “friend” wanting him to recognize him so badly. Daryl doesn’t even know him And drives off. Other characters could be included somehow as well like the governor, and Garreth and everyone shown in season 5 & 6.

Me and my sister were so sad theorizing this scenario. Any comments or thoughts?

Just imagine how the Internet would explode if that happened. Finding Bobby Ewing in the shower on Dallas would pale in comparison to the ensuing outrage. Well, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Creator Robert Kirkman has decided to weigh in on this popular fan theory in response to an Uproxx posting by tweeting this earlier today:


Now everyone can take a deep breath, because the man himself says it ain’t so. Then again, he did follow-up that tweet with this one:

Kirkman is a funny guy who likes pouring fictional gas on the Internet fire. Somewhere, someone is taking what he said seriously. I know how impossible that sounds, but remember. This is the Internet.

One thing I have always loved about The Walking Dead is that Kirkman has steadfastly said that he doesn’t care what started the whole thing and would never reveal any definitive cause. In issue #8 Kirkman’s Letter Hacks, the letters pages in The Walking Dead comic book, Kirkman first responded to the cause of the outbreak and basically said that:

Going back to explain how the government originally collapsed, “…doesn’t interest me, for the time being…I may change my mind eventually.” As to the cause of the zombie outbreak, Kirkman wrote, “I have ideas [about the cause of the zombie plague]…but it’s nothing set in stone because I never plan on writing it. So yes…I do know…kind of.”

Now who’s to say that those running the television show might decide to come up with some reason in the future, but even that seems farfetched when one considers how closely the current show runners respect and are keeping to the source material.

So let’s put this Rick Coma thing to rest. That is until some alien race comes to Earth and causes it to reanimate and start attacking and biting all the other Walking Dead Fan Theories.

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