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Once again, we’re getting some rumors coming from the Warner Bros./DC camp of super hero films. This time around, it involves the ongoing casting for DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie. We’ve already heard some crazy rumors about DC trying to get some seriously big-name stars to fill out the Squad. Now it looks like audiences may be seeing a lot more of Lex Luthor (aka Jesse Eisenberg) than they first suspected.

According to a report from Deadline, Eisenberg is currently in talks to continue his role as Lex Luthor beyond his initial appearance in Batman v Superman. And that continuation will take place in the Suicide Squad flick. Whether Luthor would be joining the Squad as its leader (as many have speculated) or taking on the role of the movie’s villain remains to be seen. Personally, I’m voting for the latter. You can never get enough of Lex Luthor plotting to take over the world.

If Eisenberg does sign on, he could potentially be joining the likes of Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie. Assuming they sign on as well, of course. This is an ambitious list of names for a super hero flick, despite the levels of popularity that the genre has achieved lately. Then again, Eisenberg is already Lex Luthor, Smith has played a super hero before and Hardy was Bane, so who knows? If all the dotted lines are signed, we’re looking at one star-packed movie.

Suicide Squad will be hitting the big screen sometime in 2016 (according to WB’s list of future release dates) with David Ayer (who worked with Smith on Fury) directing. He’s currently said to be working on a rewrite of the script. We Bastards will ship you some more news if we hear anything new.

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Just in case you’re in the dark about what the Suicide Squad is, here’s a blurb:

The Suicide Squad is a team of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the U.S. Government in exchange for commuted sentences. They are formally known as Task Force X. The team’s actions are highly classified, and the government is able to deny any involvement by claiming that they are not responsible for the damages of a random super-villain attack.


Source: Deadline

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