When it was announced last week that Static Shock would be making its way onto television screens or digital download as a live action series, and my hand stopped making that “Hell Yeah!” fist pump in the air, I felt a cold shiver. What could cause that immediate change? My brain caught up with my emotions and asked the question that has started many a comic book store argument, “Who the heck are they going to cast…. Oh hell no, not Jaden Smith.” Well, it didn’t take long for someone out there to make the connection and start the discussion rolling.


Flickering is reporting that Warner Bros. is eying young Mr. Smith for the new series. With his mother Jada Pinkett Smith on Gotham as a regular (knocking that role out of the park) and his father Will Smith in negotiations for a lead role in the Suicide Squad movie, it’s not far-fetched to speculate that Jaden might get some preferential treatment in the Static Shock casting process.

All that might get him in the room, but can his acting talent close the deal, or will it be an additional rider clause in his father’s Suicide Squad contract? Yes, that is a harsh statement, but I haven’t seen Jaden even come close to his father’s talent in front of the camera. Karate Kid was just OK. Jackie Chan powered most of the emotional scenes and nothing stood out for me in Jaden’s performance. After Earth was incredibly horrible for both father and son, although I will allow some consideration to be taken into account for the way M. Night Shyamalan can take $130 million, with actual father and son, in roles as father and son, in a story about a father and son bonding, and completely shoot emotional blanks on the big screen.

Isn’t there another young actor from The Wire available? What’s your take on the whole thing?

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