Last week, Marvel Studios released its first official trailer for next May’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. (Well, “Hydra” leaked it, leading Marvel to say, “Screw it” and officially debut it.) Now, with the Internet abuzz and clamoring for more Ultron-everything, Mr. Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., is dropping hints that the dark tone that echoes like James Spader’s silkily menacing voice throughout that initial trailer to the Avengers sequel might just be the tip of the iceberg.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Downey Jr. indicates that the bleakness that permeated the Ultron trailer will carry through all the way into the film’s climax. Ultron’s third act, which Downey Jr. says gave him “chills,” which, of course, he can’t go into without spoiling the film. However, he does explain that the ending helps to counter the sometimes-formulaic nature of the blockbuster superhero franchises crisscrossing the theater-scape.

There was a Rubik’s Cube to how not to make these things have an Act Three, that you’re just going “I really hope you like Acts One and Two because now we’re just gonna do all this stuff!” And to me and I think it was the same thing in Iron Man 3, Act Three was the strongest act. And I think that this is really gunning for that sort of thing because, you know, I love movies. I love these kinds of movies. And so I feel like I’m just a very tolerant kind of consumer with these things but I also feel like the half-life of – if you noticed just how flooded the market is becoming and likely to become potentially even more so I think that there has to be a bit of a transcendence of formula, you know? And so without giving too much away, I think, and why I generally just kinda like stamped it when the first draft came in is ’cause I thought, “Oh wow, it didn’t fall into that trap.” And I read the last page and I got chills for a reason I definitely can’t explain. [LAUGHTER] But there’s a lot of new talent coming in with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and obviously, Lizzie Olsen. And just even seeing Paul Bettany within a thousand miles [LAUGHTER] of the set where we’re shooting is just like “Wow, this is gonna be really cool.

It’s worth noting that Downey Jr. makes a point to mention the issue of transcending the formula of the normal superhero film fare. While we do seem some evolution in characters in many of Marvel Studios’ films, most of the leads, in general, make it out the other end of these films relatively intact. However, with the news a couple of weeks ago that Marvel is ramping up to an adaptation of the comic book Civil War storyline, which will pit superhero against superhero, the chills to which the actor is referring might be a hint of what is to come in the future Marvel movies.

Consider: We know that Captain America 3: Title TBD will feature Tony Stark and will sow the seeds for the superhero civil war. We also know that Tony is responsible for the creation of Ultron in the Avengers sequel which, as we all know from the trailer, turns out less than stunningly. Could the end of Ultron result in the death of a major character or characters? Will the fallout from the climax of the movie be the tipping point to make an Avenger or Avengers walk away from their affiliation with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? With at least three new Avengers joining the roster for the new film, this might be the perfect time to shake up the line-up.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron premieres May 1, 2015. And be sure to check out Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tonight for brand-new footage from the film.

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