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Marvel Entertainment’s mission to overthrow DC’s domination of the small screen keeps putting fans first, especially where Steven Deknight is concerned. The showrunner for next spring’s Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series has no idea how to keep quiet about their plans. Time and time again, he’s stepped in front of cameras, microphones or keyboards to whet our appetites about Matt Murdock’s most exciting live action adventure yet. This time we have Twitter to thank for Deknight’s approach to sharing is caring. Having a severe case of “diarrhea of the tweets,” the tattooed top gun informed us about ideas for Elektra, the show’s rating, and more. Proceed without fear!

use this second

New York Comic Con gave us a look at DD’s costume, assumed to be his ‘Year One’ garb in Frank Miller fashion. We haven’t gotten lots of info since then, but the event was wrapped around casting news and so forth. Now we’re back to seeing series news and not a moment too soon, if you asked me. I’m just going to glue screenshots of Deknight’s most pertinent tweets and let you guys run with it yourselves.















He also mentioned that Bullseye won’t be anywhere near the series and if he could make another Marvel show, he’d like to tackle The Punisher. I’ve been hearing tons about the Kingpin’s ferocity and intensity, so I’m expecting that to come through Vincent Donofrio’s performance. “Breathtaking” is a very strong term. The PG-16 (PG-13 on drugs) “rating” doesn’t surprise me. They have to deliver the classic Daredevil grit and still make it accessible to the kids who love the comics. Yes, I know, there have been comic book movies on the hard R-rating before, but never by a Marvel studio. I don’t think that’s what they’re trying to do. And this isn’t a movie, it’s television. Not Cracker Jacks TV like ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ but the show will definitely aim for that broad audience.

Any thoughts? Sound off below on how you feel about Deknight’s tidbits!

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