While many people are going to immediately call Neill Blomkamp‘s Chappie a reboot of the 80’s cult classic Short Circuit, they’d be dead wrong. In District 9 Blomkamp took a different look at the consequences of aliens stranded on Earth and it looks like he’s done it again with artificial intelligence in Chappie. Take a look at this new trailer and then try to tell me this is just an updated Johnny 5.

Sharlto Copley (Elysium, District 9) provides the voice and motion capture of Chappie, the newly created and curious robot created by Deon (Dev Patel). Hugh Jackman is the anti-AI activist Vincent who doesn’t trust AI as a technology. His big line in this first trailer is:

The problem with Artificial Intelligence is it’s way too unpredictable.

Here’s the trailer:

This is one of the movie’s posters released for far:

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A photo posted by ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER (@prawn_star) on

That’s the Instagram account of Yolandi Visser, she plays Yo-Landi Visser who, along with Ninja Visser, teach Chappie to be tough and hip. The pair recently released a new video Ugly Boy. It’s not my kind of music, but they do have a solid fan base that follows them. That will help ticket sales at the box office. Just Blomkamp’s name would get me to check this out. District 9 was incredible and I’m hoping that Chappie delivers the goods in a like or even better manner.

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