Let’s be honest, Star Wars Episode VII really doesn’t need any advanced hype, the first three screening of the film at every theater are probably going to be sold out when this thing finally opens next December. More then that, I’ll bet there are people at Disney banking in the idea that this thing is going to steal the all-time box office crown from James Cameron’s Avatar. Not that they’ll say that in public, of course, but between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Episode VII, I think there are a lot of Walt Disney Company executives betting on great big bonuses in 2016. So when a member of the original cast of Star Wars implies that Episode VII is going to be better than any Star Wars that’s come before, you better believe everyone’s going to listen.

Behold! A Tweet from Anthony Daniels:

Damn. The man known as C-3PO might have just broken the internet there.

It’s long been an accepted matter of agreement amongst the majority of fans that The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film. Some may make theirs the first movie, or Return of the Jedi, but practically no one will cite the prequels as being the best. Now that’s not to say that the “best” status of Empire is universally accepted, and certainly the middle chapter of the Original Trilogy has its critics (and high profile ones like Joss Whedon), but by and large, Empire marked a critical and narrative high-point for the franchise.

As for the statement itself, is it maybe a bit premature? We can probably trust Daniels more than most on the subject of Star Wars quality because he’s been there for the good, the bad and the ugly, but on this occasion, the supposed end of principle photography on Episode VII, is even Daniels in a position to say right here and right now that it will be better than Empire? That may be a little over the top. Not that there’s zero hope for the new film and the skill of director J.J. Abrams to deliver, but over 13 months away from the release date is a little early to start deciding Episode VII‘s place in the pantheon in terms of quality. Besides, everyone says the next movie in the series is going to be better than what came before. Hobbit anyone?

Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters everywhere December 2015.

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