Jessica Chastain has shown time and time again that she has the acting chops to take on pretty much any role.  Most of the world has been tracking her Hollywood progress ever since her scene-stealing turn in 2011’s The Help, for which she earned an Oscar nod.  With her latest outing, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic, Interstellar, Chastain has now stepped into the genre waters, even if it’s just wetting her feet.  It appears, however, that she is loving the feel of the water and is interested in trying her hand at a role that plenty of us would love to see her in: the role of a superhero.

Rumors of Chastain’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been floating around ever since Iron Man 3.  The recent announcements made by Marvel had fans wondering whether or not they would see her in the role of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.  Unfortunately, it appears that those who hoped to see her in cast in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie may have to get hyped without the involvement of Chastain:

Fear not, True Believers!  While we may never see the lovely Chastain fighting alongside Captain America or Iron Patriot during the siege of Asgard, we will likely be seeing those beautiful red locks hitting the MCU in some form or fashion in the future.

“We’ve talked about aligning our forces in the future,” Chastain said. “And here’s the thing with me… If you’re going to be in a superhero movie, you only get one chance. You’re that character forever. So why do a superhero movie and play the boring civilian?”

She makes a valid point.  Hell, we’ve had almost a half a dozen Batmans since his run in the 60’s but Adam West will forever be known for his time in the cowl.  So, what is Chastain looking for in a Marvel character?

“Whatever it is, I want a fight scene,” Chastain continued. “I could be an incredible villain. I could be a hero. I want a cool outfit, and I want to kick ass.”

Well, if she wants to keep her dream role vague, I have a few suggestions of where Marvel could place Chastain that could work, especially now that they are gearing up for Civil War!  Are some of them more likely than others?  Of course!  Still, a guy can dream.

She Hulk1.  Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) – Cousin to Bruce Banner, attorney Jennifer Walters became the infected with the same type of rage monster that Bruce has been battling for years after she received a blood transfusion from him.  Considering the fact that Hulk has already been a tough cinematic nut to crack on his solo outings, there is no way we will see a stand-alone She-Hulk movie anytime soon.  Still, it would be pretty great to see her giving  legal advice to superheroes while kicking some ass during Civil War.

NightNurse4andLindaCarter12.  Linda Carter (Nurse Carter) – Nurse Carter was one of the Night Nurses who leaned towards helping superheroes after they have been seriously injured and is connected to plenty of other characters that are hitting the screen in Phase 3. Yes, her character would have to be fleshed out a bit in order to be a true ass kicker but Marvel could pull it off.  Beyond working with Doctor Strange and teaming up with Captain America during Civil War, Carter has also helped fix Daredevil and Luck Cage after they were broken by their enemies, which could lead towards seeing her in Marvel’s original programming on Netflix.  Fun fact – at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, when asked which comic book character he would most like to play, Benedict Cumberbatch answered “Nurse Carter” before quickly changing his answer.  Hmmmmm…

Elsa_Bloodstone_h163.  Elsa Bloodstone – This is one of the least likely directions that Marvel would go but, hey, if I’m dreaming…Elsa is a vampire hunter along the same lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Honestly, there is very little more to the character, which definitely limits the chances of her joining the MCU.  However, with Doctor Strange on the horizon, anything is possible.

rachelref4.  Rachel Cole-Alves – Now THIS is the role that Chastain could completely inhabit and it’s even a role that we could easily see on screen. Rachel Cole woke up after a massacre at her wedding to find that her friends and family, including her new husband, had been killed in a gang war.  Once she recovers, she sets out to punish the people responsible.  If this sounds a bit like The Punisher, don’t feel badly.  Rachel is pretty much the female counterpart to Frank Castle and now that Marvel has the movie rights back in house, they will be looking for the perfect way to welcome the franchise into the fold.  This could be that way.  Marvel, I hope you are reading this.

Diamondback_classic_h15.  Rachel Leighton (Diamondback) – This one is a bit of a stretch but bear with me. Rachel is badass that was part of the Serpent Society, a group that was formed to destroy Captain America. There are a few things that point to Diamondback’s inclusion in the future of the MCU.  While she has not been introduced yet, Diamondback has ties to Crossbones and Captain America, both of whom will play a crucial part in Civil War.  Even more telling, during the huge Marvel announcement recently, Kevin Feige introduced Captain America 3 as Serpent Society, not Civil War. Was this is cute joke from the head or Marvel or a hint to something larger?

Sin_Defeated6.  Sinthea Schmidt (Sin) – If there is one name on the list that wins the award for Most Likely To Be On Screen, it’s Sin. Sinthea is the daughter of Red Skull and Red Skull has been absent from the MCU ever since Captain America: The First Avenger.  Considering Red Skull is the Cap’s biggest enemy, it is strange that we have not yet seen his return.  Dropping the character completely and replacing that empty space with Sin would be a master stroke on Marvel’s part and would have fans going absolutely fucking nuts.


Honorable Mention – Valkyrie because, well, VALKYRIE.

Obviously, there are no real hints as to what Chastain and Marvel have been discussing, so all of this is just for fun but it is really easy to see her in any of these roles.  Whether or not the roles are ripe for the big screen, well, I suppose that God and Kevin Feige know but for the rest of us, it’s anyone’s guess.

How do you feel about Jessica joining the MCU?  What role(s) would you love to see her in?


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