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Back in the year 2004, Paramount adapted a much-loved series of children’s books to the big screen. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events starred Jim Carrey and several other well-known faces and brought to life a remix of the first three books in what is a 13-book series. And while the movie was brilliant and has become a classic among those who enjoy more sinister children’s movies, it was not in the cards that the franchise should continue and bring the rest of the books to life. Now, Netflix looks to be remedying this situation. In the near future, we can expect to see A Series of Unfortunate Events coming to television.

For those of us that enjoyed the movie, this is amazing news. Netflix will be allowed to run the series from start to finish and bring all of Lemony Snicket’s tales to life. Better yet, none-other-than Snicket himself (aka Daniel Handler) will be acting as an executive producer on the show.

Regarding the coming of A Series of Unfortunate Events, a Netflix talking head had this to say:

“On the search for fantastic material that appeals to both parents and kids, the first stop for generations of readers is A Series of Unfortunate Events. We are proud to start work on a series for a global audience that already loves the books. The world created by Lemony Snicket is unique, darkly funny, and relatable. We can’t wait to bring it to life for Netflix members.”

And Snicket had this to say:

“I can’t believe it. After years of providing top-quality entertainment on demand, Netflix is risking its reputation and its success by associating itself with my dismaying and upsetting books.”

So far there’s no word on who shall be starring in the new series, nor who shall be directing. Finding the right cast will be essential to making the series as enjoyable as the movie and getting a director that can capture a similar, dreary atmosphere the way Drab Silberling did is a must for creating the dark yet enjoyable world that is Lemony Snicket’s brain child.

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My big question is – How many episodes will they need to bring the entire 13-book series to life? Child actors grow up and the last thing we need is a pubescent Klaus and/or Violet or, worse yet, a rapidly expanding Sunny (though babies are easily swappable, thank the gods). Netflix will definitely have to balance the amount of content they want to provide with a strict timetable on this one. Still, this is perhaps the best new I’ve heard all day.

In case you’re one of those unfortunate souls that has no knowledge of A Series of Unfortunate Events, here’s a short blurb:

A Series of Unfortunate Events tells the tale of orphaned children Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire at the hands of the villainous Count Olaf, as they face trials and tribulations, misfortunes and an evil uncle in search of their fortune, all in their quest to uncover the secret of their parents’ death.

What say the Nerd Readers? Excited for this series? Or will the absence of Jim Carrey, Emily Browning and Liam Aiken make it hard to create something that doesn’t fall woefully under the shadow of the 2004 movie?


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