‘Into The Woods’ Drops A Trailer Full Of Wishes


It seems that every year, a few musicals are sprinkled throughout the holiday season and many of them wind up being some of the most beloved films of the year.  This year, there will be two musicals fighting during the holidays for their right to take home the Oscar for Best Musical: Annie and Into The WoodsAnnie has given audiences a couple of trailers at this point and there really are no questions about what the film will be presenting audiences when it releases next month.  Into The Woods, on the other hand, has only given us a short teaser with absolutely no music, and a very iffy EW photo shoot.  Now that we are a little over a month and a half away from its Christmas release date, Into The Woods has finally released a trailer worth watching and (spoiler alert) there’s actually music in it!


Director Rob Marshall is no stranger when it comes to musicals and his vision of Chicago was nominated for 13 different Oscars, and even took home the statue for Best Picture.  So, what does he have in store for his adaptation of the much loved Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical, Into The Woods?  Take a gander below.

So, we actually get music AND a plotline!  In other words, this is worlds better than the previous teaser, which is better left forgotten at this point.

I am not familiar with the source material so I won’t speak to the integrity of the story but so far, this looks like a fun one to check out!  Anna Kendrick is wonderful in anything and Meryl Streep…Well…

Streep GIF

In addition to giving us real glimpses of the witch (Meryl Streep), Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), beanstalk climber Jack (Daniel Huttlestone), Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy), Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), the Baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt), the trailer is the first time viewers get to experience Johnny Depp’s Big Bad Wolf in action.  Recent images of The Wolf have had fans of the source material in a tither and, regardless of the original story, seeing Johnny Depp in yet another over the top costumed role is getting a bit boring.  The man is a phenomenal actor that really can pull off almost any role he inhabits, and I can absolutely understand that he loves to play crazy, flamboyant characters but I for one am ready for him to put the costumes away.  The days when movies like Dead Man and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas were his forte are long gone but it appears he may be returning to form with the upcoming Mortdecai and I can’t be the only one doing a slow clap for that one.


Are you a fan of the source material for Into The Woods?  How do you feel about what you’ve seen of the big screen adaptation so far?


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