Why wait or the official release of Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer later today when you can watch the leaked version now? Better check it out quick though, those hobbit lawyers will mercilessly crush this leak under their knobby, hairy toes.


Now you can check out the trail with a much higher quality version.

The official trailer has hit and can be seen here.

The quality isn’t all that bad in this leaked version when compared to others. Take a look and then let’s discuss.

Hmm, what did you think? I’m guessing we’ll hear a lot from the people that think Jackson is milking this movie for all it’s worth, stretching it out as much as possible. Rumor has it that the battle is 45 minutes long. I’m looking forward to a marathon viewing of all the Hobbit movies followed by the LOTR Directors cut versions, but can I do it without taking at least one bathroom break?

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