Mark Wahlberg Will Be The Six Billion Dollar Man

The original “Six Million Dollar Man” was based on the book “Cyborg” by Martin Caidin, and starred Lee Majors as Austin, running for five seasons on ABC from 1974-1978 and spawning merchandise as well as the spin-off show “The Bionic Woman.” The powers that be have been trying to put together a Six Million Dollar Man movie for quite some time. Kevin Smith wrote a script for it back in the 90’s which he later turned into a comic book series The Bionic Man. The movie idea returned to the shelve until 2011 when Brian Singer and Leonardo DeCaprio were said to be in talks to direct and star, but as was the case before, no one could get the Six Million Dollar Man movie off the operating table.

Until now.

Deadline is reporting that Peter Berg will direct his Lone Survivor star Mark Wahlberg once again in The Six Billion Dollar Man (hey we’re in the 2000’s now, gotta take in account inflation and what not), a film version of the 1970s TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”.

Walhberg will star as former astronaut Steve Austin, who is badly damaged in an experimental plane crash but is saved by doctors who fit him with bionic replacements for both legs, his right arm and left eye. With his new bionic abilities he becomes a powerful government agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.


This could be funny as a comedy, but potentially hilarious if they try to take it seriously.

Peter Berg recently directed a commercial for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (see below).

I think that gives us an idea of what kind of Six Billion Man movie we can expect from Berg.

Now Wahlberg on the other hand? 5’10, a buck 150 in weight… you’d think with a billion dollars they could do a lot better.

The Six Billion Dollar Man will begin production sometime next year for a 2016 release.

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