So, the other day I posted strange news about a partnership between ‘Attack On Titan’ and Marvel Comics. Nobody expected things to get any more normal. It’s a friendship that opens up boundless opportunities, even the most farthest reaching idea about combining the universes on film. For now, we’re going to stick with the upcoming comics crossover with a little extra thrown in. The extra bit involves Universal Studios Japan building a gigantic display starring two Titans locked in fierce combat. Now that I think of it, there’s really no other kind of combat. Okay, first up – let’s talk about where this melding of monsters and man is going to take place. Then, the statues. I know that I wrote that weird, but I’m trying to make simple sense out of the insane.

In anticipation of the unprecedented X-over, we’re getting a preview comic to be presented in classic Marvel “What If…” style. It’s due out November 15th and will depict an imaginary battle between the Avengers and the massive female Titan from the hit Manga series. This is she:

use this after first

The issue is also said to have more info concerning the character and overall story, with cover illustration by AOT creator/artist Hajime Isayama. This being a preview mag set to show in Brutus Magazine Issue 790 isn’t to be confused with the main crossover comics coming down the line. That’s something else, so hold tight because we’re not supposed to hear more about that for about two weeks.

But in the meantime, the Avengers will see what they can do with that hot tall glass of water up top. And if that’s any indication on how the comics will go down, this thing’s not just starring Spider-Man as the original promo art suggested in my previous post.

Also, the preview battle is set in New York City where old girl will stomp up what’s left of that town since the movie attack by Loki. That completely craps on my hopes that the crossover event will happen in the ‘Attack On Titan’ dimension. Hell, it might still – who knows?

Now, about those statues…

use this third

She totally looks like she got him there. Look determined all you want, but a kick to the back of the head will cool your heels quick. Doesn’t matter how big he is, dude is seeing stars right now. Are we gonna see a display mirroring that kind of tension? Good question – I’m glad I asked!

“On Wednesday, Universal Studios Japan announced details on the limited-time attractions at its Universal Cool Japan event, which will run between January 23 and May 10.

One collaboration recreates the world of Hajime Isayama‘s Attack on Titan manga and anime. The Attack on Titan The Real” attraction will feature a full-size, 15-meter (about 49-foot) Eren Titan — the first of its kind in the world, according to the theme park — as well as a 14-meter (46-foot) female Titan. Visitor will witness the Titans locked in fierce combat from the perspective of Survey Corps members.”

Eren is kind of the hero of AOT but found out he could transform into a Titan, which is all kinds of crazy. But it explains why two Titans are battling in the streets when there are perfectly delicious humans gongoozling in awe. Just when you thought Godzilla was bad, Titan fights do nothing for home owners insurance, tell ya that.

This thing is bigger than I thought it was. I sat back and slow clapped to the quiet awesome of it all, but this steam engine is running on rocket fuel now. Stay tuned, fans. It ain’t slowing down. And for non-fans…there’s a new Hobbit trailer for you to check out somewhere. Or you know…other stuff.

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