For the last several weeks, Marvel Comics has been releasing teases through press releases of promo art featuring different comic book stories from the publisher’s past, both from tales set in the prime Marvel continuity and those set in alternate realities. Most comic book fans and pop culture news outlets assumed that the teasers featuring such stories at Old Man Logan, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Armor Wars had some connection to the publisher’s 2015 Secret Wars comic book event. Marvel confirmed that assumption today with the release of a video teaser entitled Secret Wars: Battleworld Revealed!, depicting how Old Man Logan et. al form part of the larger tapestry of the Secret Wars story.

As the video shows, each alternate reality from the teasers spanning across Marvel’s multiverse will form the greater whole of the Battleworld, with each reality represented by a different nation: one nation for the House of M reality, one for Planet Hulk, and so on. The name Battleworld is a clear nod to the original 1980s Secret Wars storyline, as that Battleworld was a planet created as a theater of war for Marvel’s heroes and villains to clash with one another.

While the video confirms what we already suspected, it does make me wonder how the Secret Wars will come to fruition. As in the original Secret Wars, will the all-powerful Beyonder have a role in causing this battle of alternate reality nations? Does the story have any connection to the inevitable fallout from Marvel’s current crossover event Avengers & X-Men: Axis? These stories seemed to be tailor-made to set up the Next Big Story, so that’s a real possibility?


Another theory is that this event could be the culmination of the fracturing of the timestream that creators at Marvel keep mentioning, stemming back to the reality-hopping story Age of Ultron. Since the mucking of time in that tale, writer Brian Michael Bendis and others have noted that time is becoming more malleable and increasingly unstable. Such instability allowed for the young X-Men to be brought to the present-day Marvel Universe as well as opened the door for those same X-Men to wind up in the Ultimate Marvel reality of stories. As always, the tag is “wait and see.”

What do you think? Any theories as to how the Secret Wars story will begin? What other alternate realities not already teased would you like to see featured on Battleworld? Let us know in the comments!


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