Big Hero 6 hits theaters today and there is no question that the new superhero movie is every bit as Marvel as it is Disney, as you can tell from our spoiler-free review.  Besides being quality entertainment for pretty much anyone who isn’t made of wood, in keeping up with its siblings on both sides of the fence and in the name of Tradition, the feature boasts several blink-and-you’ll-miss-them Easter Eggs throughout the film.  While there are plenty to be found, we are just going to talk about the best 7 of the bunch and will leave some of the fun for you.  The movie itself is absolutely stellar and the animation will have you deeply immersed in the world of San Fransokyo, so if you are checking it out for the first time, I would highly recommend that you take the time to enjoy the movie, then search out those hard to find eggs on your second viewing but, hey, I’m not your mom!  By the way, spoilers aplenty follow, so now is the time to go back if you want to see the movie with a fresh eye.

Seriously, spoilers ahead.

This is your last chance to get out spoiler free!

Still here?  Great!  Get out the basket and let’s go hunting!

Alright, so since some people just can’t let it go, let’s get to the Frozen Easter Eggs.  After Hiro has decided to upgrade his new friends, he sets Baymax up with a new suit that shoots a rocket punch.  As he is getting used to it, Baymax shoots the fist right at a statue of Hans.

Big-Hero-6-Hans Statue

Not enough Frozen? Ok, well take a gander over Officer Gerson’s right shoulder and you will see that Hans is featured in the wanted poster on the bulletin board.

Big Hero 6 Hans

Speaking of Officer Gerson, “Gerson” likely refers to one of two people: Either Daniel Gerson, who penned the flick, or Betty Lou Gerson, who voiced Cruella De Vil in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians back in 1961. Either way, we are throwing this one in the basket!

Big Hero 6 Gerson

Onto yet another egg hidden in the police department, on Officer Gerson’s desk sits a couple of pictures and you may recognize the subjects in those photos.  If you don’t recognize them, check out Disney’s Bolt asap!


Ready for a twofer?  When we are first seeing the skyline of San Fransokyo, you can catch a quick glimpse of Wreck-It-Ralph in the billboard on the left as well as on the tower in the middle of the screen, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, that chicken pictured at the top of the tower shares more than a passing resemblance to the little chicken that warned folks the sky was falling.

Big Hero 6 Wreck and Chicken Little

Speaking of Wreck-It-Ralph, fans of the character will catch the quick Wreck-It-Ralph action figure sitting on top of Hiro’s computer screen.


Still want more?!? Ok, in the scene in which we first see Fred’s room, his entire room basically holds a mother lode of Easter Eggs but let’s concentrate on the action figures on his shelf.  If you take a look, you’ll notice that not only are The Incredibles hanging out on the shelf but you’ll also catch a glimpse of a much more menacing Baymax, straight from the comic book.


Ready for a bonus?  After losing their first fight with the big baddie of the flick, the team needs a place to go, so they head over to Fred’s, only to find that he is actually pretty rich.  We are talking billions (probably).  As they are walking to Fred’s room, the source of that income is revealed in the form of a family portrait hanging up in the hallway.  Turns out that Fred’s dad is none other than Generalissimo Stan Lee!  I write that as if it is a surprise but we all knew he would show up somewhere; after all, it IS based on a Marvel property.  Want more? Wait until after the credits for that stinger.  You’ll be treated to a scene in which Fred is talking to the picture of his father and winds up falling through a trap door in the floor that leads to a secret lair.  Turns out that Fred is just continuing the family business and Stan Lee has been riding that bull since long before Baymax existed. And yes, it is Stan Lee’s voice.  Sorry folks, but we don’t have an image of these eggs but I promise, you can’t miss them!

Stan Lee

As I mentioned, there are plenty of other eggs to mine but I didn’t want to spoil all the fun!  What other eggs did you catch?

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