The newest addition to the “Everything Wrong With…” series by the guys at Cinema Sins takes apart Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past in a 14 minute video that might make Singer want to turn back time for realsies if he happens to see it. Among other things, the video attacks the film’s reliance on overused tropes, poorly explained science that wouldn’t even hold up in the comic books, under using characters like Quicksilver and Storm, and the fact that none of us would kick Mystique out of bed for eating crackers whether she’s all blue and scaly or not.

A lot of their criticisms are nitpicky, a few may even just be plain wrong, but quite a few might make you scratch your head and wonder why you didn’t catch that the first time.

Surprisingly, the video doesn’t mention that Singer didn’t even attempt to explain Professor X’s resurrection or Wolverine regaining the adamantium lacing his skeleton after losing it at the end of The Wolverine. Those were two of my biggest nerd-beefs with the film and I couldn’t imagine there was so much more to nitpick.

I felt the film was good but also powerfully flawed, and would’ve been helped with a little explanation here and there. One of the biggest problems I had with the film, for example, was Kitty Pryde suddenly sprouting time travel powers. On one hand, it made no sense. On the other, I felt like it was a cool way for Singer to pay tribute to the fact that it was Kitty who was sent back in time in the original Uncanny X-Men storyline. Just some tiny, you know, little bitty bit of logic as to how walking through walls translates into becoming a Mobile-Mutie-Tardis would’ve helped.

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