Director Timo Vuorensola is back with a brand new trailer for his sequel to Iron Sky, the cult classic (?) movie about Nazi’s on the moon. If you thought that Iron Sky was bananas, wait until you get a load of this new trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race. It’s got Nazi-Aliens Riding Dinosaurs. Kid you not! Here’s the official synopsis:

20 years ago Earth was ruined in a nuclear apocalypse. What’s left of humanity is trapped on the Moon – which is now falling apart as well. Mankind’s only hope is to send a small team into the Center of the Earth to retrieve the mythical Holy Grail. All that stands in their way is an ancient race of reptilian humanoids and an army of dinosaurs. How hard could it be?

OK, that is bat-shit crazy isn’t it? Udo Kier, Julia Dietze, and Stephanie Paul are back for the sequel and rumor has it that comedian Tom Green is joining the cast. Visual effects for the dinosaurs will be done by Pixomondo, the same group that did the dragon effects for Game of Thrones. Dalan Musson is handling the script writing chores. Principle photography is set to start in early 2015 with an eye at a 2016 release date.

If you haven’t seen Iron Sky yet, you can check it out below:

Via: Comingsoon

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