I love the team up shenanigans of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Those two guys have great chemistry and equally perfect comedic timing. They’re not equal stars though, as the rotund Frost always plays second fiddle to Pegg, who would play goofy best friend to a more dashing actor himself. That’s one of the many reasons why the movie industry is so messed up. And Frost is cool and all, but unlike other Whovians, I didn’t lose my shit when I saw that he was playing Santa Claus in the annual ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special.’ If I’d hadn’t read his name in the source article, I wouldn’t have known it was Frost. I think having Santa around for the show is cool enough. But we’ll talk more about the episode and watch the trailer after the jump.

After that depressing-as-hell season ender last weekend, I could use a little holiday happiness. God almighty, what a downer that episode was! Think we’ll get some happy happy/joy joy this December or do you think the ‘Who’ clan is just out to get us? Maybe the bastards will kill off Santa Claus for goodness sake! You be the judge – are we in for Christmas cheer or Christmas tears??

Okay, ominous door opens, showing off what seems to be a future or space person shot in blue filter. Dead beings in a morgue-like setting rise from their gurneys, still with the sheets over their heads. Not looking good so far. Then, there’s a woman pensively aiming a blaster rifle of some kind. Alien mouth thing opens slowly like it’s about to scare Sigourney Weaver out of her underwear. And then we have an inappropriately gleeful Doctor doing his best Ray Parker Jr. impression in a showfall. Enter Old St. Nick Frost walking into a room like he pays the rent there. The trailer finishes with a full ten seconds of titles. There you have it, the Doctor’s Christmas Special. The trailer is barely there and Frost is barely in the trailer. Ta-DAAAAAAAAA!!!

Aside from the Doctor’s joyous ‘Ghostbusters’ routine, this thing doesn’t look particularly upbeat, but we’ll see. It’s still Christmas-y and Alien-y all at the same time, and if that doesn’t define a Doctor Who Xmas Special, then nothing does. Maybe if it was more timey whimey.

What we do know about the plot of the episode comes directly from our most recent and loveable Who companion, Clara Oswald. Jenna Coleman dropped a few hints to Instyle Magazine. Oh, and they could be considered SPOILERS, so stop reading if you have a problem with that.

“It’s written in sections and it’s about dreaming – what is real and what is not.”

“Father Christmas is there – played by Nick Frost!” (TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!)

When asked about her future plans, she said whatever they are, they have nothing to do with more Doctor Who.

“There are no grand plans. I’d like to do some theatre, get back into the rehearsal room. I think it’s all about surrounding yourself with really clever, talented people so you can soak up some of their brilliance!”

Whatever, just as long as the episode doesn’t kill anyone off I’ll be A-OK with the plot. Curiously enough, the 8th Christmas Special since the show’s revival in 2005, entitled ‘The Snowmen’ is the first time we meet a version of Clara Oswald. Could there be a chance that we’ll run into the Doctor’s newest companion next month? What do you guys think?

Shout out to Nick and Simon with this amazing clip from ‘Shaun Of The Dead.’

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