‘Suicide Squad’ Has Found Their Harley Quinn


There has been a lot of talk surrounding David Ayer’s Suicide Squad as far as casting rumors have been concerned, so it’s nice to finally have some concrete information on the casting of one character in particular. According to Collider, the role of Harely Quinn has been secured by The Wolf Of Wall Street beau, Margot Robbie. Harley Quinn ­ – who has rarely been portrayed in live-action features  – has become a staple in the DC Universe after her introduction on Batman: The Animated Series. This has led to a best-selling monthly comic behind DC’s monolithic dark knight series, Batman. Despite all the negativity surrounding DC’s New 52 relaunch, Quinn has since became a key part of the ‘Suicide Squad’, so it only makes sense to include her in the cinematic feature.

Bit of background on the character for the less initiated. Harley Quinn – original name Dr Harleen Quinzel – was originally a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who adopted an unhealthy obsession towards The Joker whilst treating him. Eventually, this led to her becoming The Jokers assistant; donning similar make-and engaging in a psychologically and physically-abusive relationship.

When Warner Bros officially announced a release date and a director (Ayer) for the Suicide Squad movie, studio executives’ announced that they had 4 A-list starts that were in talks for particular roles. The names that were announced were Will Smith (whom has been pretty quiet as of late – probably hoping that people will forget the absolute abomination After Earth), Tom Hardy (no stranger to playing a supervillain), Ryan Gosling (this seemed pretty out of the blue), and Margot Robbie. Since then a reputable source close to the project announced that there had been a further shake-up in the casting department.

Thusly, we reported the other day that that Ryan Gosling had pulled out of the running due to his reluctance to sign a multiple film deal with talk of Jared Leto circling for the part. Ultimately, the part up for grabs is a “key role” in Ayer’s Suicide Squad and this has been widely thought to be the part of The Joker – with Warner Bros and Leto’s representatives keeping tight lipped on the speculation. There is still no word on where Leto is in regards to the negotiating process, but it seems both parties have been in talks.

David Ayer has just came of the back of the critically acclaimed and widely successful World War II move Fury starting Brad Pitt, along with a great ensemble cast (Ayer works well with ensemble casts) including Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthal. So, it’s not surprising that there would be a possibility of some or the actors from Fury landing a role in Suicide Squad – so another rumor is that Joe Bernthal has locked a part in the supervillain behemoth, but at a convention during the weekend Bernthal said that he couldn’t comment on whether he had discussed a role with his Fury director Ayer.

As mentioned above, the character of Harley Quinn is most popular due to the Batman cartoon, the Arkham Asylum games and the New 52 monthly comic, which is the second biggest selling monthly behind Batman. However, Mia Sara portrayed the character in the short-lived Birds of Prey TV series, and Cassidy Alexa (voiced by Tara Strong) had a small stint playing Quinn on The CW’s Arrow. However, although never actually referred to as Harley Quinn in Arrow, a deleted scene that has been made widely available to the public, clearly indicates that it is indeed her. Having the character espousing certain trademarks, such as Diggle “Chocolate Puddin,” which is a play on what she calls The Joker.

This will mark the first time that Margot Robbie has portrayed a live-action version of the character.

We will keep you guys posted as it seems there is going to be a lot more casting rumors and tantalizingly nerdgasmic news surrounding Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’.

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