Remember that movie that came out last summer that everybody loved? The one with the talking tree and the racoon with the bad attitude? Ah, memories. Yes, well Guardians of the Galaxy will be available on DVD and Blu-ray early next month, conveniently in time for Christmas, which would make it a great stocking stuffer. Marvel Studios‘ latest film created a lot of fans for the spacefaring heroes and their director James Gunn, and looking forward, it is one of the key pieces in the studio’s strategy to push the envelope with new and crazier heroes, and to expand the comic book movie type into new genres not yet explored. It also made space opera cool again, and turned “We are Groot” into a universal expression of friendship. With all that in mind, in case we’ve forgotten any of it, Marvel’s release a trailer for GOTG‘s home video release.

Obviously, the trailer doesn’t show us too much in the way of new footage from Guardians, but the special features mentioned on the release include a “Guide to the Galaxy” by Gunn, an exploration of the film’s visual effects, the usual behind-the-scenes testimonials, commentary, a gag reel, deleted scenes and an exclusive sneak peak at Avengers: Age of Ultron. Speaking of testimonials, you will note that aside from the usual pull quotes by critics, the trailer includes blurbs from Mindy Kaling, Rainn Wilson, and Andy Richter. Why? Because they know quality cinema like License to Wed, Transformers: Renenge of the Fallen, and New York Minute.

Kidding! (Sort of.) Here’s the new trailer:

Sounds like good watching. But as much as I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy I wonder how much of its success comes from the movie itself, the Marvel Studios brand name, or the fact that there was not a lot to crow about at the Summer 2014 box office. I’d like to think it’s that first one, but despite the volume at the multiplex this year, not much seemed to connect with audiences the way that Guardians did, and it might be a fair bet to make that the reason was the majority of people knew next to nothing about the movie before going in, at least it terms of the characters’ comic book background. We’ll have to wait till May 2017 to be certain, and if Guardians of the Galaxy 2 does at least as well as number one, then we will know for certain that it’s because people believe that a racoon can talk, and a tree can love you back. Time will tell.

Guardians of the Galaxy is available on Blu-ray and DVD on December 9, but you can buy it in Digital HD on November 18.

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