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While Warner Bros. and DC scramble to find someone who wants to direct their films, Marvel grooves on with a stable of ass-kickers who just keep changing the world of comic book movies. It all started with Joss Whedon, a guy who waited far too long to get properly recognized for his geeky brilliance outside of cult fandom. Then, along came James Gunn. This guy hurdles deftly over his predecessors Kenneth Branagh and John Favreau to build a successful franchise out of complete obscurity. Nobody knew what ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ was, and now mainstream moviegoers are thirsting for a sequel. The wait will be long, but they’ll definitely get their wish because it’s already been written. Sounds like he has a plan

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2017 is a magic number for comic book movies. Nine of them, in fact. We’re expecting ‘Wonder Woman’ to hit theaters and the second entry to GOTG will test its ability to wow audiences as well as the first. The script hasn’t been written yet, but Gunn says the story is down and he’s ready to begin the next process. He was very talkative about his plans, starting with Marvel’s oft-mentioned Phase Three:

“Who knows how much we’ve influenced Phase Three but one thing is the Guardians aren’t back seat to The Avengers. Captain America, Thor, those other movies, they do really support The Avengers and I think take a back seat to The Avengers. The Guardians are their own thing. The cosmic side of the universe is its own thing. And because the movie was so successful, it was more successful than Iron Man was, that changed the way other people looked at it but I still look at it the same way.”

Love it. Under no circumstances is he letting the Avengers take charge of that universe. He goes on to say that he refuses to repeat anything we’ve seen before, he doubts there will be a third Guardians film, and part two will deal with lots more backstory. Will we be learning more about the characters?

“Yes. I mean more deeply into the characters themselves and who they are, how they work and how they think. What their flaws are, what their strengths are. They’re a much more flawed group than The Avengers. They have major major issues.”

Over at Entertainment Weekly, he spills a little more about characters he’d like fleshed out. Which ones?

Yondu and Kraglin, the Ravagers. And I love Nebula. I think that she is underutilized in the film. I want to see more of her. The Collector….He’ll reappear. I don’t know if he’s gonna been the next one. I do think his story is really compelling, and I think he’s one of those very interesting shades of gray characters.”

“There was a big rash of ‘James Gunn Was Thinking Of Ideas For Guardians of the Galaxy 3.’ I don’t think I really said that. What I said was ‘I had ideas for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I knew what I was going to do for that, and I had ideas for beyond that.’ That doesn’t necessarily mean Guardians of the Galaxy 3 because there are a lot of different characters in this movie that could go in a lot of different directions. And some of the characters I’m most interested in aren’t necessarily Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Sounds like spin-off talk to me. But I highly doubt those characters will spin off into anything. It’s just not in the cards.

I’m going to say that I liked GOTG better than I did the Avengers. But only slightly. Maybe because I was unfamiliar with them, yet they made me love them from the opening credits. Before the release, I went to the comic book store to sell my Guardians #1 because if it was ever gonna ever have value, that was the time. Turns out, it was borderline worthless because the book didn’t showcase the same team as the movie did. That’s how unfamiliar I was with these Marvel characters. I grew up on Thor and the Avengers, so just seeing them brought to life onscreen turned movies into my new comic books. But I felt like I knew the characters; was almost old friends with them. And it’s great seeing old friends, but it doesn’t quite match the excitement of making new ones.

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