With his mounting action movie credentials and dedication to staying in top shape, it makes sense that Jai Courtney is being considered for a superhero movie. “Being considered” could mean that Warner Bros. is talking to his agents. It could mean that he auditioned for the part. It could mean that he and writer/director David Ayer had lunch the other day. Either way, if DC doesn’t make this guy a deal, Marvel probably will. Not that he’s hurting for work because the dude has 4 movies in 2014 alone. But the studio is moving forward on their projects at breakneck speed, so if it turns out JC is on board, we’ll probably hear about it soon.


Created by Bob Kane and friends back in 1950, Deadshot has been a staple of the Suicide Squad for a long time. The psychological effects of growing up in a broken home may have influenced his criminal lifestyle. He is exceptionally deadly with all kinds of weapons, but is most known for his wrist-mounted guns. The man’s aim is impeccable, but he’s often frustrated by his habitual inability to put Batman in the grave. Deadshot’s had various live action appearances, including ‘Smallville’ where he was played by Bradley Stryker.


The list of probable players in this thing is stacking up. Still no word on whether Jard Leto will take on the part of the Joker, but Margot Robbie was already cast as Harley Quinn, and that’s a heavy win. Some of the choices are all kinds of questionable. Like Ryan Gosling once being the frontrunner to play the Joker. And Will Smith being a candidate for the role of Boomerang Man, an Australian, Caucasian character. Courtney is an Australian, Caucasian actor. I really don’t think it’s that stupid an idea to switch targets and maybe see what Smith can do as Deadshot instead of having him ruin an Aussie accent. But that’s just me and my Spock’s dedication to logic. Or, at least, my logic anyway. But none of those rumors even have to be true, so whatever. In the meantime, look for Courtney to star in the very stupidly namedTerminator: Genysis.’

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