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The search for someone to direct the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie seems feverish for something that was just recently announced and isn’t set for release until 2017. I appreciate that kind of prep work, but it just seems like an obsessive chase to me. Warner Bros. has no comment about their search for a woman to captain the Amazon’s movie ship. In my opinion, there are perfectly good ladies in the movie industry capable of flying this thing, but reports say that the studio is looking hard at Emmy winner and television workhorse Michelle MacLaren. MacLaren’s people also don’t want to talk about it. But we’re gonna talk about it. Right after the jump.

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Marvel has found success in dipping into the world of TV for their project chiefs. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ was commanded by the Russo Brothers, who claimed fame by directing episodes of ‘Community’ for God’s sake. For the life of me, I can’t see the logic in that, but it turned out awesomely. MacLaren is to television what my personal pick, Kathryn Bigelow (‘Hurt Locker’) is to movies. That means WB would be morons not to be looking at her. She’s got massive geek cred in directing episodes of ‘The X-Files,’ ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Game Of Thrones’ and she rode 42 shows of ‘Breaking Bad’ to award-winning success. She’s a much smarter choice on paper than the Russo’s ever were. I’d say she’s my perfect Plan B for the job if Bigelow doesn’t show up out of nowhere and scoop it up. Lord knows former superhero movie director Lexi Alexander doesn’t want any part of it.


Since everyone’s being tight-lipped about this news, we can’t go raging or cheering just yet. Variety says MacLaren is “in talks” to take the gig. The Wrap says this info comes from “a well placed source,” which means nothing. I’ve never been a fan of speculation unless I was the one doing it. When I create rumors, I make jokes and distract you with sleight of hand so that when my bullshit get unmasked, you forget to blame me about it. Like that time I reported that William Shatner was in talks to play Jonathan Kent in the ‘Man Of Steel’ 2016 reboot. You totally forgot that, didn’t you? Haha magic skills!

Source – The Wrap

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