When James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy hit theater screens it didn’t take long for fans to wonder where the hell their Dancing baby Groot toy was. In fact, many couldn’t, and wouldn’t wait so they went ahead and made their own. It seemed like such a no brainer, the Internet exploded when dancing Groot clips started to hit, but why no official toy? Now James Gunn has spilled the beans on No-Dancing-Baby-Groot-Gate.

Before we do anything, enjoy this dancing Groot gif:


Gunn was recently talking with Vulture and decided to let the Dancing Groot out of the bag:

While we were still shooting the movie, I brought up putting Dancing Baby Groot out as a toy. The reason it didn’t happen is because you have some control in the film industry over secrets getting out there, but the people you don’t have much control over are the toy people, unfortunately. Those toy designs get out, always! And people definitely would have gotten ahold of the Baby Groot if we had started manufacturing it in time for it to come out after the movie, so that was the biggest reason we didn’t push on that particular element.

SO… that’s the reason we can’t have nice things right away, because the Internet will most likely spoil them! It makes perfect sense to me, being one of those that routinely “spoils” things that are happening on the Internet. If a Dancing Groot toy had leaked before the movie, we certainly would have posted it with some terrifically funny spoiler warnings that 90% of you would have ignored anyways.

*FYI, then 35% of that ignoring 90% would have berated us for posting spoilers about it.

So until next month, you’ll have to make do with Groot toys that don’t dance unless you giggle them around in your hand. That’s the way my G.I. Joes and Transformers danced for me growing up… and we LIKED IT!!! Damn spoiled rotten kids these days with their fancy dancing on their own toys.

Via: /Film

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