‘Shannara’ is a series of fantasy novels by author Terry Brooks. It began in 1977 and is still powering on with the latest entry ‘Witch Wraith’ just out last year. It’s a tale of the marriage between science and magic long after Earth’s destruction via nuclear holocaust. ‘Iron Man’s’ Jon Favreau sought to adapt the books into a project for TV, and then we didn’t hear anything about it for awhile. Now we have our first casting announcement with Poppy Drayton adopting the role of an Elvin princess. It’s an ambitious undertaking with ten books ordered, all to be produced by MTV.


Poppy Drayton’s not really best known for anything, but ‘Downton Abbey’ lovers might have seen her as Madeleine Allsopp in 2013. She’s had a few gigs here and there, but I’m thinking this one might be her breakout role. She’ll be playing Amberle Elessedil, the once beloved Chosen in the Elvish community who becomes a hated pariah for fleeing her homeland. Yo, it’s hard out there for a pimp elf.

Never read ’em. While I prefer fiction over nonfiction, I’ve always preferred to watch my fantasy rather than read it. This series sounds super cool though, and I just might have to set my DVR. Damn thing’s already full up thanks to all the new shows hitting the stream this fall, but it doesn’t sound like ‘Shannara’s’ in the biggest hurry to get air anyway. I’ve been banging out mad episodes of ‘The Jefferson’s’ and I’m surprised about how much I forgot about that show. Then, sometimes ‘South Park’ feels like doing a marathon, taking up all the room on my disk. First World Problems are no joke, son. It’s a difficult life, I tell you!

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