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Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb were just 10 and 11 years-old when they started shooting this thing. I halfway remember it being in the news a little bit, but completely forgot about it because life. They borrowed props, said goodbye to lunch money, and recruited friends to help out in their little recreation of Spielberg’s magnum opus, ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark.’ ‘Raiders’ is one of the most amazing movies ever made and was probably a catalyst that sparked my epic nerdity. That’s what makes me kinda jealous of these guys. I’d have loved to have gotten together with my boys and remade an incredible film, but my friends suck and don’t do cool things. So, basically here’s a story about guys I wish I was friends with.

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I think the best part about all this is Spielberg’s support. He was so flattered and jazzed about these kids and what they were doing that he never talked legal issues, and even went so far as to feature the production in one of ‘Raider’s’ DVD’s extras. It was a long and daunting effort for the boys-to-men, and they eventually had to turn to Kickstarter to raise funds to recreate that Nazi-meets-Propeller scene from the iconic film. That alone cost 50k – more than ten times the cost of the rest of the movie. If you want to see the movie now, it’s up for download without the most costly shot – or you can wait until January, when the film is done with post. Here’s the first ten minutes of the job.

And if you’re not familiar with these guys and what they were doing, here’s an older video interview, with some side-by-side comparisons to boot!

Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. I loved how these fellows jumped into it whole hog. I remember seeing the genuine fear on the kids’ faces as they recreated some of the more dangerous scenes of the movie. It looked so fun and like such a bad idea at the same time! I still envy the bastards, though their efforts to parlay this thing into film careers have been a bust. I can understand that, as it’s tough for the industry to hire anyone whose claims to fame have been shit any one of us can do if we had some damn spirit.

The guys “completed” the film back in the late 80’s, but got back together just to finance the big scene. I’m glad for them and this thing needs to be respected. I love stories like this but I won’t be really impressed until the sequel…

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