While taking his latest round-up of proverbial high fives (and probably a few literal ones) with The Guardians Of The Galaxy hitting DVD/Blu Ray, Director/Filmmaker/Raccoon Enthusiast, James Gunn, had a sit down with IGN and the topic of the recently announced slate of DC Comic movies came up.

The truth is, it’s a list of titles, and if they’re done well they’ll be good. If they aren’t, they won’t be good. But I think we have a little bit more of an idea of what we’re getting with Marvel. I mean, we know the actors, we know the characters — we’ve seen movies with these characters. You have some idea of what’s going on already. We’ve told a big part of the story. With DC, they haven’t told the story yet. [via IGN]

Pretty reasonable, right? Well, reason has no place on the internet. DC adherents took to arms, Marvel purists used it as a rallying cry. Many caps-locks were used and someones mother probably had her purity put into question. Here’s one of the responses that Gunn received.


Clearly the commenter has has a future in the greeting card industry a head of him. I guess fanboys are going to fanboy, right? Now it goes without saying that the fan community can be a little volatile at times and it just takes a little spark to engulf an entire page in the fires of nerd rage and personal opinions posing as ‘facts’. Gunn took to his Facebook to douse the nerdy flames as best he can:

You’re welcome.

Also, while we’re at it, I don’t have any problems with DC characters or DC movies. I grew up reading them and loving them just like I did Marvel characters. What seems to have outraged a small section of DC acolytes is, when asked what I thought of the DC slate, I said I didn’t really have an opinion, because at this point it’s a list of titles I don’t know much about. I went on to explain that with Marvel we’ve seen most of the onscreen portrayals of the characters in upcoming films, as well as the actors who play them, and we know many of the writers and directors making these films. You kind of know whether you like Marvel movies or not. But what we know about the DC projects in comparison is small. I’m excited and hopeful that these movies are good. But I’m waiting to see just like the rest of you.


I’d like to say I’m dumbfounded as to how this line of thinking has caused controversy, but I’m not. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years on the Internet is that people LOVE to be outraged and look for any chance they can to be so.

Love you all. Even the outraged ones. Bat-Mite for life. xo James

Wait… did he just say he loves the DC characters? But… he made a Marvel Studios movie, is that allowed?

Short answer, yes.

Hell I’d even go so far to say that he counts as one of the vast majority of us that are fans of the superhero genre that like both DC and Marvel and are capable of enjoying both. Of course if you find yourself in one camp or another that’s cool too, and it’s even ok to be a little passionate about your favorite (I’m a fan of Booster Gold and Alpha Flight, so I am used to defending my fandom). After all you can’t spell fan without cutting off the last little bit of fanatic. The point is maybe it’s all right to prefer one over the other and that’s fine too. What you don’t have to do is run to your blog or your favorite social network or where ever and tell everyone that thinks differently from you and your preference that they are somehow fundamentally wrong for not sharing your fandomness.

Here, maybe this will help explain it.

Ya… just used a clip of future Batman Ben Affleck from a Kevin Smith movie to force a point, the Internet Outrage Brigade will love that.

Let’s all just take a breath and accept that we’ve got the better part of the next decade filled with cape and tights movies and the ability to enjoy all, some, or even none them. Granted if you chose to enjoy none of the them, you’re going to miss out on some good movies.

And then a new Green Lantern movie.


sources: IGN, James Gunn on Facebook

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