While Kim Kardashian’s greased big butt, or at least all the photo shopped versions of it, might have broken the Internet last week, this story of a Hampshire, England father doing what he can to make his terminally ill son happy on his fifth birthday, truly deserves all the spotlight we can shine on it. Jayden Wilson was diagnosed with an inoperable Grade Four Brain Stem Tumor, the most aggressive type. The tumor was discovered during a CT Scan after Jayden had a fall in August. Doctors estimate that Jayden has a year to live.

Jayden’s dad, Mike, commissioned a Spider-Man for himself so that Spider-Man could swing by his son’s fifth birthday. He decided that of course Spider-Man would need a dramatic entrance, so he jumped off the roof of their house when Jayden came to the door. It wasn’t that big a leap for Jayden’s dad, he does Parkour and Free Running professionally.


Here’s the video of Spider-Man’s dramatic entrance!

Wilson recently talked with Buzzfeed saying:

When I dropped down as Spider-Man, his face was exactly how I imagined it would be, shocked and happy all at the same time.


The family has set up a Facebook page, Hope for Jayden, to help fund his medical expenses.

We’ve had messages from all over the world commenting on what a great surprise this was. I’m over the moon with the response and it’s great to share Jayden’s story.

Sometimes, all those other things that seem so important in our day-to-day lives quickly become much smaller when we hear about stories like this. It’s important that amidst the sorrow and pain that this family must be feeling, that there is equal if not greater joy, the joy only a five-year old boy can feel when Spider-Man jumps off his roof on his birthday.

Via: Buzzfeed

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