Frank Grillo has come along way career wise in such a short space of time. From a partially unknown regular in season one of Fox’s hit show Prison Break to great supporting roles (End of Watch, The Grey, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and leading roles in movies and TV shows (Kingdom, The Purge 2: Anarchy). His name is really starting to get out there and this has been facilitated by his high profile standout performance as Brock Lumlow (Crossbones), which has essentially trajected his career from a tropospheric plateau to the stratospheric. Furthermore, given what we know about the history or Captain America and Crossbones, this speculation does not come as a total surprise.

Also, Variety’s Justin Kroll tweeted that Grillo is going to be playing the main villain Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War. What makes this interesting is that it was only a couple of days ago that German actor Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Basterds) signed on to play an antagonistic role in the film. However, Variety confirmed that Brühl’s character would not be the main villain:

“[Daniel Brühl] …will not be the main villain in Captain America: Civil War but could potentially be the top menace in Marvel’s Dr. Strange.”

This has led to speculation on what character Brühl might be portraying with suggestions ranging from Baron Zemo (a scientific genius who worked for the Nazi’s creating weaponry), and a villain who a dominant figure in Captain America’s legacy. But, Brühl could may well be playing a character who is menacing enough, but a villain of the lower echelons such as Batroc the Leaper – battled it out with Captain America in The Winter Soldier as seen in the clip below:

It was assumed that Anthony and Joe Russo’s Captain America sequel would focus on the fight between Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Chris Evan’s Captain America and their disagreement about the superhero registration act. The form of control the government attempts to implement over superheros.  Steve Rogers is very much opposed to this as he believes superheros need to keep their anonymity. However, Tony Stark feels that the act is needed as a form of control to keep superheroes in step – well that’s the jist of it anyway. It was thought there wouldn’t be any main villian needed due to the Civil War storyline, but this does not seem to be the case. Badest Digest have even suggested that Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier will be back to play a part in the Civil War storyline.

At the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Brumlow ends up looking pretty done for after his fight with The Falcon. But he survives, albeit with more than a few scuffles inflicted upon him, and he looks pretty goddam pissed! So, suffering from the traumatic event with the helicarrier crash, all the ingredients are set-up for Brumlow – who becomes Crossbones – to go and seek his revenge on Captain America and all of his people.


There has been no official word on the casting of Frank Grillo and whether Captain America: Civil War will be his next film in his multifilm Marvel contract, but according to Kroll’s information, Crossbones is going to be the main villain in Civil War. It comes as no surprise to comic book fans that it’s Crossbones that pulls the trigger leading to Captain America’s demise at the end of Civil War. If Grillo is used for this and this speculative chat all materializes, we could be saying our goodbyes to Captain America come 2016. Also, if Brühl is cast as Baron Zemo, then there is a chance that Red Skull – who sent Rumlow to observe Zemo’s progress when working for HYDRA – could also be returning.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this all pans out and it will be great to see Grillo back as he always puts in a great performance. Here’s hoping.

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