Just because we don’t get a lot in terms of verifiable information concerning Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that doesn’t mean that information can’t sometimes get out. One of the most consistent sources of information concerning the new Star Wars sequel has been Latino-Review, and while none of it has been confirmed by anyone in a position of authority on the J.J. Abrams film, that hasn’t stopped the info from coming in on a regular basis. We’ll probably have to wait until the film’s release date next year to know how much of it is true, but somewhat closer to today there’s the matter of the teaser trailer. And according to one writer, not only are we going to see that teaser in the very near future, but they also know what’s in it.

As per Da7e of Latino-Review, there’s word tonight that the teaser for Episode VII will be coming soon to a theater near you, or a computer screen which is more likely going to be the point of first release. Back in 1998, before You Tube, people lined up to see the first trailer for The Phantom Menace, which screened prior to the Brad Pitt stinker Meet Joe Black. Fortunately, modern audiences won’t have to suffer the indignity.

As for the teaser itself, Da7e has heard that’s been making the rounds amongst small audiences in Europe. “Yessir, yessir, people in Europe have also been secretly shown the minute-long Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser that we heard rumblings about yesterday which means there are enough people in the world who have seen it to get confirmations about things,” Da7e explains. “Namely, what character flashes we’re going to be seeing and if they only include our good guys.”

So it seems that we may get our first look at the main villain of the movie in the teaser, be they the Inquisitor or some other character, at least according to Da7e.

“He’s masked (no identity spoilers yet!) and the final design of the mask looks somewhere in between the red-colored Imperial Guards from Return of the Jedi and Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic,” he said.

In other words, the character is going to combine this:


And this:


Hm. Anyone getting a Darth Vader kind of vibe from the guy, whatever his name is? There have been rumors that Vader himself would be back in some form in The Force Awakens, but maybe all those reports stem from fleeting glimpses of our new adversary. So the bad guy of Episode VII is some guy in a cloak and some robot-looking mask. Very original J.J. Maybe the hero’s last name is “Airsaunter” too.

As always though, it’s worth remembering that all these “leaks” are just rumor until we get confirmation through something official like a teaser trailer or production photograph. Until then, Mr. Darth Whoeverheis will just be a beautiful, if contrived, dream.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters everywhere December 18, 2015

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