It didn’t take long for Disney to follow-up their live action Cinderella teaser the other day with the full trailer. There’s a lot of acting talent involved in this latest incarnation that includes Lily James as Ella, Cate Blanchett as the evil Step Mother, Richard Madden as the Prince, and Helena Bonham Carter as her Fairy God Mother. How do you think this will do at the box office?

It’s more of a retelling that the story reversal that Angelina Jolie‘s summer hit Maleficent was, and that worries me a bit. The music, scenery, costumes and effects look top-notch, which we should expect from a Disney Classic on the big screen, but will it have enough “oomph” to get butts in those theater seats?

Perhaps we’ll see more plot points, or at least in a different light, in the second trailer. I just don’t feel like I saw anything in that trailer that I wasn’t expecting. That is what worries me about this movie doing anything more than just OK at the box office.

Cinderella will be in theaters March 13, 2015.

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