If you grew up in the 80s and were into superheroes, then your indoctrination into Marvels rogues galley of colorful character was likely started or at least facilitated by Mattle’s Secret Wars toyline (and if you were into DC, Toy Bizs Superpowers). Even if you didn’t know much of anything about super heroes, you at least knew of Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man. What was great about the Secret Wars line – as based on the famous comic series of the same name – is it introduced some not so familiar characters at the time. Characters like The Wolverine, Kang, Falcon and Baron Zemo.

I remember looking at Kang and his mechanical box-like head and was like “huh, this guys looks cool. I wonder what he’s all about”.  Little did I know then about his time traveling escapades and impact on the Marvel universe. Personally, that curiosity based around cool looking characters and what their deal was flung me further and much deeper into my affinity for comics and superheroes. Plus, Black Suit Spider-man… ’nuff said.   What was bad about the line, however,  was the figures had virtually no articulation, they came with a primitive gif shield as an accessory, and the shitty paint wore off easily (my Daredevil figure combated the likes of Dr. Doom and Magneto without a face) . But I digress…

Childhood re-cometh! In advance of the new Secret Wars comic coming this summer, Gentle Giant is releasing Marvel Secret Wars figures and up-sizing them into the Jumbo-sized  foot tall, collectible, shelf space stealers.


As prefaced in this articles intro, the Secret Wars toyline was a short lived tie-in to Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars comic book mini-series (below). The line was produced by Mattel and saw two series of action figures released (along with vehicles and playsets) in 1984 and 1985, as well as a third series of figures released outside of North America. Figures typically came with shield accessories that could hold lenticular images. Today, these figures – mint on card – range from $50 to $100. With foreign release figures like Ice-Man, Electro and Constrictor going for $200+. Supposedly Mattel planned a few more characters that were never made which included The Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, the Abomination and Dazzler…of all female superheroes available, they were gonna make her!?!?

The original Secret Wars was a 12-part limited series that crossed over several Marvel Comics titles from May of 1984 to April of 1985. The event introduced The Beyonder to the Marvel Universe for the very first time and saw the omnipotent character assemble a new planet from chunks of other planets,  which he then calls “Battleworld.” Against their will, The Beyonder chooses several heroes and villains from Earth and teleports those chosen to his newly created Battleworld to fight for his amusement. has posted details about Gentle Giant’s recreation of the Mattel toy line. Set at a price point of $90, the 12″ figures were recreated through digital scans of the originals, “roto injection molded and made of durable plastics” for a fully-articulated figure, which comes with a Secret Wars-inspired backer card with original photos and artwork.

Presently, there are four figures planned for the limited edition release with black symbiote suit Spider-Man first, followed by Hobgoblin. The final two blacked-out figures are likely Wolverine (gee, what a mystery there guys) and — believe it or not — Magneto who came with a double barrel pistol accessory for his 1984 original Secret Wars release.

Wanna re-lives the 80s? You can pre-order today at this link, but that’s not all! Use the code SecretMarvel20 at checkout to save $20 off your purchase today only, November 19th! The next figure to be released will be the Secret Wars Hobgoblin figure.

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