I was oh-so tempted to write this entire post using just the first letter of each word and then put the entire thing in parentheses, but figured that was way too much work for joke that would probably have just fallen flat. Not just flat, but flat on my face on a concrete sidewalk bust my nose kinda flat. Those creative folks over at HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) are at it again. This time around they’ve taken on James Gunn‘s summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, or as I like to call it, Marvel’s-Screw-You-Hollywood-We’ll-Make-Any-Damn-Movie-We-Want-With-Obscure-Marvel-Characters-And-Make-A-Shit-Ton-At-The-Box-Office-While-Everyone-Else-Plays-Catch-Up.

What truly pleases me about this HISHE is that, although there are points to make with this HISHE, there weren’t any that really skewered the movie’s overall plot. The ones pointed out are funny, but there’s certainly nothing there that hurts my Marvel fanboy soul.

What did you think? I have to say that the “I Am Groot” – “I’m Batman” at the end was way too much fun and I can’t wait to see a couple of cosplayers re-enact that on the convention floor.

The bonus ending does ask an interesting question, what about all those other pieces of Groot when he got blowed up… Now I want to see a movie about Corpsman Dey and his forest of Groots.


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