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As far as the Suicide Squad movie adaptation goes, the casting rumors have been pretty insane right? But we finally got some good news when it was announced that Margot Robbie had signed on to play the role of Harley Quinn. Now Jared Leto has finally responded to the recent revelations that he has been in talks to join the cast of David Ayers DC tentpole as The Joker. Leto has confirmed that talks have taken place, but he seems pretty laid back and diffident about the whole thing. Perhaps he is quite content after his Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club, and doesn’t want to commit to anything in movie land too soon. In fact, who knows really.

So is he? Or isn’t he? Well going by Jared’s response in this video clip it is pretty evident that he has had discussions about the role in the film. However, he has a tonne of other projects on the go and he doesn’t seem too bothered about whether he lands the role or not (this would be considered a dream role for myriad actors out there), however, some actors and actresses don’t like the commitment that comes with signing on to these types of films. Rumor has it, that was the reason Joaquin Phoenix dropped out of negotiations to play the role of Dr Strange. Some individuals just don’t want to be tied down to a big major franchise. But the other side of the coin is, …some actors and actresses out there are struggling to find work. Comic book movies are where it is at right now with Marvel and DC tearing up the small screen and the big screen.

Leto’s deflecting the question with that famous Fight Club line, and the fact he refuses to comment on the actual role itself could well be a decent enough indication that he has met up with Warner Bros a couple of times to discuss the role. Check out the video below and judge for yourselves peeps. Whatcha think? Leto already bagged it? Or is he really just quite blase about the whole thing? Let us know what you think. We always like to hear your opinions.

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