There are three new names in the mix for Netflix and Marvel‘s Luke Cage role. Cage will first be appearing in six or seven of the Jessica Jones episodes before taking the lead in his own 13 episode series. Who’s in the mix?


First up is Mike Colter (The Good Wife, The Following), he has an impressive television and movie background and this could be his breakout role. He has the muscular look without the over muscled weight lifter build. It looks like Marvel is not going to pick a really big man like Terry Crews to play Luke Cage, but rather someone with an athletic build that will just be strong as hell on-screen.

Next on the list is Cleo Anthony (Transparent). He would have to be the long shot judging from his current acting experience. He could nail the audition, but it would be a calculated risk to put someone at his point in their acting career in a lead role.

Last, but not least is Lance Gross (House of Payne, Crisis). He would be an interesting choice. He’s at that point in his acting career that a lead role would not be unexpected, but I don’t think he has the build for the Luke Cage role unless he bulks up a few pounds.

What do you think? These certainly aren’t the names many fans would pick as their first choices, but it does provide some telling points that Marvel is looking for. A younger actor, athletic build without bulging muscles, and someone without the well-known actor’s pay scale. We know that this role will tie up the actor that lands it for at least a few years if not more as the role develops on television and transitions to the big screen.

Via: Deadline

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