There was once an idea about fairy tale characters making a life for themselves in the real world, struggling to get by in a strange and terrifying world that’s far, far different then the one they came from, and that idea was Fables. Kidding aside, it is also the idea behind Once Upon a Time, the weekly adventures of a bunch of fairy tale characters trying to make a life for themselves in a small Maine town called Storybrooke. Granted, the show is a great deal more Disney-oriented than Fables (see the current Frozen story arc), which is understandable given that Disney itself produces the show, so naturally one should expect more Disney characters with every new storyline. To wit, prepare to welcome a certain duplicitous half sea witch, half octopus to town.

Merrin Dungey, who’s perhaps still best known as Sydney Bristow’s roommate Francie on Alias (as well as the evil “Francie” duplicate in the second half of season two), has signed on to play Ursula on the ABC fantasy series according to Entertainment Weekly. Ursula was the main villain of the 1989 animated Disney film The Little Mermaid, and has been portrayed a couple of times before on the series thanks to the voice talent of Community co-star Yvette Nicole Brown, but Dungey’s performance will be the first time that the character will appear in the flesh on the show.


The context of Ursula’s appearance on the show is unknown, but her arrival comes at the same time as some fellow Disney bad guys. The puppy-killing, fur coat-loving Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians will also be on hand and played by British actress Victoria Smurfit, while Maleficent, the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty will also be appearing later this season play by True BloodKristin Bauer van Straten. Bauer von Straten has appeared on the show before as Maleficent and was announced earlier this year as the major antagonist for the second half of OUAT’s fourth season.

It begs the question, is a super-villainness team-up going to threaten the good people of Storybrooke once the drama of Frozen is resolved? Although Cruella isn’t technically a witch in a magical sense it might be cool if they went all Gargoyles with the team-up and cast them as the Three Witches from Hamlet. Maybe that’s too highbrow for OUAT, but the show was done some interesting things with the genre in the past, for instance casting Peter Pan as a villain in season three while making Captain Hook the dashing (and hunkish) hero. Perhaps this team up will be misunderstood and the witches all just come to town for a postions convention. Who knows?

Any Once Upon a Time fans out there in Bastard Nation? What are your thoughts on the arrival on Ursula?

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