Fans of Game of Thrones likely already know that famed adventure game company Telltale is just about ready to release the first chapter in their GoT story via the medium of video games. They’ve already let us know a bit about what to expect from the game as well as how they plan on improving the mechanics in relation to previous games. But now we’re getting the first real look at Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice with the first trailer and 13 character pics showing off the important folks from or allied with House Forrester. Scroll on for a big, juicy helping of Telltale awesome.

First of all, here’s the trailer! See animated versions of some of your favorite Game of Thrones characters as Lena Headey does a little voiceover. Enjoy.

It looks like we can expect Telltale’s creation to be as steeped in backstabbing politics as the actual Game of Thrones. I’m guessing players will have plenty of opportunities to kiss Cersei’s ass, bite their tongue as they deal with the Bastard Ramsay Snow and, if we’re really lucky, go whoring with Tyrion. Now there’s a question – will Telltale be as committed to getting in gratuitous boob scenes every episode as HBO is?

Next up, a look at 13 of the main characters you’ll be playing or interacting with throughout the game. Each pic features a name and how they’re related to House Forrester. Gratefully, however, it says nothing about the gruesome ways each one will die during the course of the six-chapter game.

GoT - Asher Forrester

GoT - Duncan Tuttle

GoT - Ethan Forrester

GoT - Gared Tuttle

GoT - Lord Gregor Forrester

GoT - Maester Ortengryn

GoT - Malcolm Branfield

GoT - Mira Forrester

GoT - Rodrik Forrester

GoT - Royland Degore

GoT - Ryon Forrester

GoT - Talia Forrester

Lady Elissa Forrester

There’s no word on exactly which of these character the player will be able to jump into the shoes of and which will remain as NPCs, though discovering that detail during the course of the game is half the fun. And neither is there word on the exact date of Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice’s release, though sometime in the next couple of weeks seems to be the best bet.


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