In Jerry Maguire, a five year old Jonathan Lipnicki famously told Tom Cruise “The human head weighs 8 pounds.” According to a report by TheWrap, that’s exactly how many pounds one of Cruise’s next characters might lose.

According to TheWrap, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan wants Cruise for his Highlander reboot. There can be only one, however, and apparently regardless of the report’s accuracy, the one won’t be Cruise. Rather than playing the Scottish hero, Cruise is being looked at to portray the mentor figure in Highlander’s development, much like the character Sean Connery played in the original 1986 film.


The casting choice, if true, could lead to some interesting conversations if nothing else. Two of the writers who worked on Iron Man – Art Marcum and Matt Holloway – apparently co-wrote the most recent treatment for the Highlander reboot. Considering the reports that Cruise turned down the role of the armored Avenger before it was offered to Robert Downey Jr., should the three meet on set, I’d be curious to see if at least one “Yeah, you feel pretty stupid now, huh” wasn’t uttered.

Not to mention that in the original Highlander series, the second film made the poor choice of telling audiences “Oh, by the way, they’re all just aliens.” There’s no way to know yet how Cruise’s very public convictions on this subject will influence the direction of the reboot.

Now I guess the question should turn to who should play Kurgan and cut off Cruise’s head? How about…

Season Of The Witch

Mister Ron Perlman? I think he’s be great in that role, it would give him a chance to really stretch those villainous muscles in his acting. Who else do you think could play the part?

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